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  1. Has anyone had experience of successfully printing A2 size sheets on an Epson Pro 4000 through Vectorworks 11. We are experiencing problems on V8.5 and want to ensure that V11 will do it before we upgrade. We are running Win XP. Many thanks.
  2. We have an instance where we are trying to print a small area of a larger drawing. We have set the page area correctly to one page in the Page menu and then set the paper size to A3 in our Print Set Up. The settings are also set to Print All. Finally we use the Move Page Tool to position the page outline over the desired position on the drawing. However, what the printer prints is not the area we specified with the Move Page Tool but a seemingly random area offset to it. Please advise. Many Thanks
  3. The Model to Floorplan command in the Architectural module has good potential, but it seems a great shame that it does not work with the Massing Model tool. The beauty of this tool is that it allows for a quick layout of the building model complete with roof and with the advantage of being able to use the reshape tool on it directly. Would it not make sense to be able to create a massing model, by actually using the Massing Model tool and then create a floorplan from this model using the Model to Floorplan command. Having to create the massing model from a solid object and not the Massing Model tool kind of defeats the object as far a I can see.
  4. Hi Robert, Yes you are right, perhaps I should now start speaking to the Vector scripot people. The plug-in was simply customised by changing the names of the fields so they echoed what is on the drawing label. Do you communicate with the Vectorscript guys or do I need to send the file to them. Many thanks, Martyn.
  5. Hi Robert, Do you have any more thoughts on this issue? Many thanks, Martyn.
  6. Hi Robert, Sorry for the delay in getting back. No the problem only occurs with the customised plug-in. The client needs to use the customised plug-in however because the standard one does not conform to their office standards. This should not afffect the export feature in this way, should it? Kind regards, Martyn
  7. This has been a useful addition to the tool set and the Multiline option is great. However, when trying to use this tool to combine a series of lines into a closed polyline it seems impossible to use the tool on the last two segments. The problem would appear to be that the tool cannot be used to connect the first and last crossing segements of the same line. Apart from tediously having to move the first and last points of the line until they are coincident, is their another way around this common problem. Many thanks, Martyn.
  8. Thanks Robert, I've sent you the file as requested. Martyn
  9. We are using symbol based blocks.
  10. We have been using the Issue Manager to control our sheets naming conventions which has been working well. However when we export drawings to ACAD, the sheet specific data disappears and is replaced by the default sheet info which is fairly useless. Given that we unfortunately have to converse with ACAD based construction companies, is there a way around this problem. Is this a recognised problem or limitation and is it the intention to fix it in a new version. Many thanks, Martyn.
  11. I am having problems getting the symbol thumbnails in the plant catalogue to update after I have changed the symbol definition applied to a plant. The correct plant symbol is placed when I use the Place Plant tool, but the correct symbol thumbnail is not showing, it only shows the symbol assigned to the plant in the very first place. Is this a bug or a current limitation of the software. The same problem occurs both on Mac and PC. The process is as follows. AEC > Plants > Edit Plant Catalogue. Hit the Edit button to go into the Define Plant window. Now change the 2D symbol definition. Now OK to return to the Edit Plant Catalogue window and you will see that the thumbnail has not been updated. Is there anybody that can confirm this. Many thanks, Martyn.
  12. Hi, I've been creating some image props recently. everything is working OK except that the texture for the image prop is not displaying in the textures area of the Resources Browser. I have the textures set to display thumbnails, and I can see the name under the space that the texture should apprear, but the texture is simply not displaying. I have tried this on anumber of PC machines (Win 2000). However if I try it on a Mac everything is OK. Has this been reported before? Thanks, Martyn.
  13. I am trying to import some polygonal 3D files into Vectorworks. I have tried DXF output from various programs but Vectorworks seems to bring them all in as separate faces. Is there a method for bringing them in as a set of stitched faces (ie a solid model) which is what they were in the first place. Many thanks, Martyn.
  14. Hi Robert, Thanks for your response and the file. I can see now that the cavities cannot be filled and that the number of cavities actually means 'number of cavity lines'. Is there any intention of refining the tool to have the wall return all the way to the other wall as in the file I sent. Ideally there would be an option to insert an additional damp proof 'spacer' with a fill (also shown in the file I sent). Thanks again, Martyn.
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