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  1. Hi Marissa, I've changed the 'convert to polygon' node into a 'convert to polyline' node. This works perfectly so I think something is wrong with the 'convert to polygon' node. But for the moment being I can continue my work.
  2. Hi Marissa, I tried this but it didn't work. I've added the complete network so you get a better Idea of where I'm going. I left the different steps to make the network in the file. I'm sorry everything is in dutch, if you need me to i'll translate in bad english stone_division.vwx
  3. Hello, I have a problem with the node 'convert to polygon' I' m using this node in a network and it works just fine but when I make a marionette object from my network the node doesn't work anymore. I've uploaded a little example with only the objects you need to see the problem. Is there a way to work around this problem? Benny convert to polygon.vwx
  4. Thanks Alan, I will try to use this in my network.
  5. Hello, is it possible to use the data from a worksheet as input for a marionette script? I would like people at the counter of a store to enter data in a simple excel-sheet. At the end of the day one person can copy this info to a vectorworks worksheet. The rest of the proces must work automatically. Even better would be if we had in the input section some nodes who make it possible to import (and export data) from a txt, xml or csv file so I wouldn't have to use the worksheet but I know I should start at the beginning.
  6. Ok, this works as well but I will be using Oachl Kini's way. Its more transparent and it leaves more room for extra colours. Thanks a lot. Amazing how quickly you get an answer on this forum!
  7. Hello, I've already learned a lot by reading your topics but this is something I can not find. I have a rectangle and want to have the possibility to change its colour to green when the priority is 'low', orange when the priority is 'medium' and red when the priority is 'urgent'. I can change the colour with the If node when I want to change between two colours but how can I change between the three? The test is always a boolean so I can not choose from a list. Is this possible? Thanks in advance for your help.
  8. It seems the link is no longer working. Can I still get this file somewhere?
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