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  1. Hi Looks like a lot of nice new features, but got to agree with Altivec, it would be preferable, rather than focussing on new niche tools, a focus is made on fixing and or adding basic functionality that has been missing for some time. Others can probably list a lot of items, but for us architects, why do we still wait for sloping walls to be added? and the number of times people talk about the stair tool...then there's 3D hatching - when adding hatching to walls & roofs, there is no option to individually specify the start point for the hatch on each surface. This basically means we often can't use that feature. Thanks
  2. BG


    Hi Kevin The cutting line crosses the extruded shape. File attached. If I ungroup the extrude, then yes, it does split. Good tip. Thanks Brett
  3. BG


    Hi Pat I've come across that issue too. Be good if the split tool split everything. It makes a difference if extruding 2 or 3 polylines together. 2 works, 3 doesn't. Converting the extrude created from 3 polylines to a generic solid made no difference. Can't use the split tool on it. Brett
  4. BG


    Thanks, I had selected 2 polygons in plan view, then extruded them. The split tool doesn't work on the resulting extrude. If they are extruded separately the split tool works fine. Brett
  5. BG


    Hi Can someone please confirm - does the split tool work on extrudes? I seem to recall it used to, but it's not working for me now. Thanks
  6. Pretty sure you will need to tick 'save viewport cache' in the document preferences. The inner boundary polygon does work for us within annotations. Not sure why it doesn't for you? Maybe it's related to the viewport cache?
  7. BG

    DWG Export

    A simple question sorry. All details drawn on one design layer, then viewported on to sheet layers. How do you export just a single sheet without the DWG being created with the entire design layer included? Thanks
  8. Just updated some referenced viewports and their position has randomly shifted again...this keeps happening
  9. BG

    VW2015 Tab

    Hi Jim I was mistaken on the chamfer tool - didn't go back and try it in 2014, but assumed it would based on the other tools. The other tools I mentioned work in 2014, but not in 2015. Thanks Brett
  10. BG

    VW2015 Tab

    Hadn't tried that tool, but no, the tab button does not work with this tool in v2014. Thanks Jim
  11. A coworker just had all of her referenced viewports move in one of her files - there were around 30-40 viewports that moved...she is not happy.
  12. We'll try ticking the ignore user origin & see if that helps. There is definitely a big issue there that needs fixing asap. We've ignored it to date & shifted the errant viewports back to their correct positions, but this is a major hassle.
  13. BG

    VW2015 Tab

    It was working fine in 2014.
  14. Is there something we are doing wrong? Referenced viewports frequently shift their position. The referenced crop stays where it is supposed to be, but the actual drawing moves to some random position, so the crop has to be repositioned over the shifted drawing position and then moved back to where is was. We had this occur is previous versions too. It's very frustrating, especially because it happens sporadically.
  15. I would like the current 'General Display & Dimensions' to be separated so that the dimensions don't have to be the same precision as the general display. I like working with a few decimal points showing but don't ever dimension using decimal points. Thanks
  16. When working inside a Viewport Annotation, when selecting items using the marquee, it highlights parts of the design layer as if they are also going to be selected, then when you release the mouse button, only the items in the annotation are left selected. This doesn't seem to be the correct behaviour. I would have thought only items in the annotation should be highlighted?
  17. Not sure if this is the same on a MAC, but something seems to have changed when entering information in the OIP or Mode bar. It's not happening at all times, with all tools, but I've noticed it on a few. Select the chamfer tool, click in the first box & enter a value, then press tab to go to the next box. It doesn't go to the next box. Similarly for the reference marker tool, after entering a value in one box, pressing tab does not take you to the next box. This behaviour wasn't like this in previous versions & means you can't quickly tab between the various boxes. Same behaviour on the elevation benchmark tool & Drawing label. Haven't checked any others. Thanks
  18. Hi Installed VWA2015. It installed fine & seems to be working well but we have some old custom tools that we use & while they work, their icons do not show up in the palettes so you can't actually see that they are there. See attached screen shot. Is there a way to fix that? Thanks
  19. This is a pain currently, and we'd vote strongly for this to be "fixed" along with the ability to have angled walls.
  20. When a dimension value is manually overridden, it would be good if the dimension reflected that with maybe a wiggly line under or something? Thanks Brett
  21. In NZ, the convention is your option 2. The arrow points towards the hinge side.
  22. When using site modifiers on a DTM, it would be good if VW would highlight the intersecting pads when a warning message appears when updating the site model that there are two intersecting pads. It is hard to tell which are the problem pads when using multiple pads. Thanks Brett
  23. Not sure if this has been requested before, but it would be good if the trim tool would trim lines etc to a break line. Thanks Brett
  24. BG

    Section Viewports

    OMG, that's been driving us crazy for ages! thanks so much. Brett
  25. What's the best place to place section viewports to create elevations? We've tried placing the SV on the design layer, but the markers do not show up on the sheet layer viewport of the floor plans? Why? If you place the section viewport within the sheet layer viewport, the markers do show up as expected, but how do you get the markers to show up on other sheet layer floor plans if you're doing multi level projects? Thanks
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