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  1. Hello Luis. No. It's simply a parallel view of a 3D model. On perspective or axonomethric views there are any problems. Thanks
  2. Good Morning everyone, i a parallel view (and only on a parallel view) i have this problem.. similar... and i don't understand how can i find a Workaround for this
  3. Sorry Luis, but i read only now you rmessage. Sure i will send you some example ASAP and thanks
  4. Personally the best way is 1) to have a good sheet layer whit good viewports 2) if you need images in dwg make a render, if you need lines make a hidden line viepwort 3) export sheet layer in model space It works well
  5. Thank you Selin. Off course OpenGL works well. But i need to do it in a renderworks style.. maybe turning off the background?
  6. Hello everyone, Someone can explain me, why VW generated some "bubble effect" on windows when clip-cube is active on a viewport? Thanks
  7. Cancell all elements> empty trash > reboot> install last version
  8. No follow the 2015 instruction of the link to completely unistall vectorworks 2019. Then reinstall and try. Sometimes it worked for me
  9. Try to REMOVE manually ALL the file installation from here and follow the manual instruction for 2015 mac version, then reboot the mac than reinstall last version
  10. I mean.. sometimes monocore processes help to have rendering processes and working at the same time. But sometimes it could help to have a better experience
  11. That everything is monothread on VW and probably you have less frequency on a iMac Pro. For this reason I bought the best iMac and not the iMac Pro. There is a lot of process that actually are mono core on VW. Depending on your workflow..
  12. No way without real time render Mac compatible in my opinion. But keep in touch with the internal render engine. Renderworks actually is important like the VW identity. All in the same interface, on the same file.
  13. Hello Kevin. I don't understand how they can't replicate it, because you had explain this very well and yes: it doesn't work correctly.
  14. Often i find some people who are interested in switching to Vectorworks from other old softwares, from where they can export only pdf to manage a file convert process. So: VW actually can't manage well a pdf file, fixing text and colors etc. I think it could be a very important issue to invite new users into this world. Please add this in 2020.
  15. Ok.. for the further users, there is a way: you need 1) duplicate an orginal wall point by point 2) render it in hidden line 3) adjust the height etc 4) finally convert it into the second style wall than you will have the hidden line. If you add simply a wall and you will move it, you'll have a line (personally I find it very strange.. but I'm here to listen other opinions) bye Z
  16. The good news is that if I render in open gl styple whit border ON, there aren't intersection lines, so the draw is correct. But I need to generate some facades and I need to have this borders hidden.. so..
  17. Hello everyone, after 10 years VW using there are some situation that really frustrating me. Like this one. I need to hide a line. Yes, only hide this line to generate correct facades. 2 walls, 2 different style. Why can't I hidden this line? Anybody can help me? Thanks Hidden Line.vwx
  18. There is a perfect way for no-distracion work session. Sure some demons in apple had worked about it.
  19. WORKAROUND For using Space Styles you can create a new object from pre-createt style, than you can modify the style into resource manager.
  20. Sorry Jim, but if you have 86 bugs fixed related to Space Objects, why do not you release them now without waiting for sp3?
  21. Hi.I confirm all the bugs, problems, questions you wrot on this post. And i want to say "thank you" for the clarity and patience you used to describe all this questions. Around space object is playing a deep role for the BIM process and work process during a VW work. Z
  22. Hi STR Thank you but i think that between add to every windows a data tag and live better, i'll choose live better. I think it could be a basic setting for a window
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