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  1. hi i currently have a workflow where i have one file for everything.. im experimenting with other workflows and saw nick sonders & 30x40s setup for inspiration but im wondering whats best for vectorworks any ideas would be helpful while creating it! aslo quick question... can you reference viewports form other projects? so i can have a master detail file and reference it for every project? current workflow one file : draw / document all plans concept workflow one model file one site file one ducument file with all plan sheets and such that reference the model and site file another concept workflow one model file one site file several document files as follows a100 cover / project info sheets a200 all site plans a300 floor plans a400 sections & elevations a500 details
  2. @jeff prince yes something like that was my plan but as i research more i'm starting to see about people referencing viewports... have you tried anything like that? i have only tried to reference design layers.. i will try later this week to reference viewports because if so then i can have one master file theoretically and reference each viewport that i have created... all theory though ahhahaha i hope it works as i find it weird that a BIM software would need us to create PDF's and drop them in quick question,.,. is it possible to make the 3d detail viewort into a symbol? @Mitchell (the other one) nice, do you have a typical workflow i can maybe implement ? when i do a pdf i insert the pdf of the detail into the sheet layer however cant edit it unfortunately ... i'm trying new things but would love to know your workflow with these things this is my template so far.. each of these are separate files and the sheet layers in them a100 -cover render -project info -city forms a200 -site plan -bmp plan -landscape plan -bmp details a300 -floor plans -schedules -rcp -mep a400 -sections -elevations a500 -details -specs i then have 3 models that are referenced -site -building -building with site i reference the building with site on the a200 drawings and only building on the a300 currently trying to see how it it could be better...
  3. @jeff prince would it make sense to model different details in different vw files and then bring them in later? it would be great to bring them in but i tried to group a viewport and wasnt able too.. im currenlty doing a foundation detal and created a section and used a detail viewport on that section and then inserted rebar and such.. how do you group yours? i wouldnt mind having them referenced but just wondering how to do so? it would be a great idea for me to use a template file lol it seems like a better way to do it.. i wonder if you can template viewports so i dont have to setup elevations each time , that would be awesome
  4. namaste everyone, im wondering what is the best way to templatize or well standardize my drawings.. i currently have 1 file.. that file has my titleblock, notes and wall styles. I copy and paste this file for every project and work on it this is a habit from my acad days currently i look up to nick sonder and his way of managing 3d files creats one drawing for site drawings... one drawing for floor plans and so on.. i would like to do something like that but where it gets tricky is in the form of details.. in sketchup you can create a detail and save it in a sketchbook for layout.. you can then drag and drop this detail and use it... so he would have seperate files were he models the project.. and seperate files where he models details however he can reuse the same details over and over.. in vectorworks im having a hard time using the same detail for every drawing as i only know about using the create section detail tool.. (currently making 3d details not 2d) so what is the most cleanest and efficeint way to standardize drawings?
  5. Vectorworks.vwxhi everybody, i have a weird problem that when i create a section it does not show material. I attached the file so this is what i have done so far to try to fix it oip > background render settings > material being checked (double checked it and unchecked it with nothing working) change from open gl to renderworks (not showing it) went to material in the wall style and changed it to all sorts of settings
  6. Hi everybody, after some trial and error id like to show everyone what i think is the best method to convert to DWG for when sending out to conultants if anyone has any info that could make this better please share! we can all help eachother so go to your model layer and make sure its on top/plan.. for example the layer with your first floor then go to FILE>Export>ExportDXF/DWG you get the pop up of options follow these settings File Format Format: DWG Version: 2013/2014/2015/2016/2017 Class / Layer Conversions Export as DXF/DWG Layers : Classes Invisible Classes are: Not Exported leave the box for "export single layer for classes with same name" unchecked leave the box for "export layers as seperate files" unchecked Sheets to include Export: Design Layers Only References leave the box for "export design layer viewports as seperate files" unchecked Objects: the only box that should be checked should be the "export as flattened 2d graphics" text and dimensions the only box that should be checked is "preserve SIA dimensions text appearance " 2d fills and files only check these boxes, "export hatches" "export hatch pattern files" "export hatches and 2d fills into seperate dxf/dwg layers" 3d both boxes should be checked no boxes should be checked in symbols and groups or line types line weights and colors only check the box for "use dxf/dwg indexed colors" you will have to do this for each floor seperatley once the file is in CAD you will need to do few cleans up listed below -explode everything as much as you can (because when a consultant copies your plan to there file an unexploded plan will not work) -clean up hatches (because we are doing hatches in sepereate layers you can easily just freeze it) do a final review of your lines and such and then thats it you are done
  7. wait nevermind :/ i got it lol i had to remove a view
  8. im using a windows computer and dont see the data visulization on the top nav bar? i even tried clicking the setting "data visualization short" and "data visualization long" but dont see anything
  9. are the objects greyed out? possibility could be you have the class visibility off can you upload file?
  10. so for example if you click on a wall (single click) it doesnt select the wall?
  11. thanks guys! im still new to the game and found this blog after seeing your replies https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2020/eng/VW2020_Guide/Views/Applying_a_data_visualization.htm ima study this but the idea of visualizations seems more my speed
  12. Hi, i would like to create a wall that when in a 2d/floorplan view is colored grey but have that same wall also show the exterior as stucco for when i present in 3d yet also have that wall show insulation/drywall/framing/etc. when i create a section reason for this is because currently i am using the standard wall function and on my plans it shows the insulation & everything in it... i do not think this is a function needed when doing construction documents as i believe in simplicity and only showing a level of detail needed on the plans.. the sections and 3d view are great but just dont think the 2d/floorplan view needs that level of detail
  13. if anyone is still wondering about this... what you need to do is click the reference and in the Object Info pallet you need to click "classes" once classes is clicked there will be a box toward the bottom labeled "Use Current Document's Classes Vissibilities" check that box and press ok once that is done you will be able to change the visibility of certain classes from the reference in the viewports you set up for it (for examply i have a site plan with a property line class & 3d site model class.. i have 2 sheets.. one for a site plan and another for a grading plan... i can now have the propertyline only show up in the site plan & have the 3d site model show up only in the grading plan.. while only having the one reference for both)
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