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  1. I have a work around that has been successful for me. I open my VW Spotlight 2021 Service Pack 4.01 application, open a 2021 file. I then open VW Spotlight 2022 from the applications folder, open a VW Spotlight 2022 based file. The menu bar start to function as normal. It is almost like the 2021 application shows the 2022 application how the menu bar is supposed to function. Try the above and let me know if you have any luck.
  2. I am running VW2022 / Spotlight SP 2 Mac OS 12.0.1 2019 MBP 16" 16GB Ram The menu bar become unresponsive when working in my drawings. I have to reboot the computer for the bar to respond. Shortcuts still work. Also the mouse cursor changes from an error to a text edit type indicator for all selections.
  3. Along the lines of this question. I am able to link sheet data scale to my custom title block. If there a way to link the sheet scale to the title block and allow it to update with out having to go back into the title block manager>sheet data. I would like it to update once I select the new scale via the sheet layer option/drop down. I would like to eliminate some steps.
  4. I am referencing adding additional sheet layers. I add a single viewport to each sheet then publish the the sheet layers. When I add a revision in the title block manager the additional pages or the 1 and 2 dropdown group are created.
  5. I am having an issue where multiple sheets of the same sheets layer are being created. If I create a new sheet layer, two sheets are created. The sheets are labeled the same but one falls under the #1 drop down grouping and the second under the #2 drops down grouping. This is also causing the title block manager option to "Use Total number of Active Title Block Border" to calculate double the amount of sheets. See the attached screen shot. Not sure what is causing it.
  6. I have searched and only found a partial answer to my question so I am going to ask again. I have created a document template in spotlight. The filed saved as .sta and whenever I create a new file the document template I created appears in the drop down menu of the [Use document template] list. To create this document template I created my drawing etc.. then saved as a document template. I wanted to edit and reserve the file. I can't seem to find a way to edit the document template with out opening it, making my changes, then reserving it as a template over the original template. This seems counterintuitive to me. Is this the only way or am I missing more intelligent process to edit and add to this document template?
  7. Hello. Anyone know of a way to create a default X and Y location value of a newly created viewport on a sheet layer? I have to create stage plots on a weekly basis. After I create the plots, I make my selection, create a viewport, and add the viewport to a sheet layer. My custom title block resides on the right hand vertical of my sheet layer/page, due to this I must routinely move my viewport left on the page approx -3". I would like to set a default X value and Y value in the Object Info palette for my viewports. Currently the X value defaults to .068" and the Y value defaults to -3.688".
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