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  1. Hi, When the fields of a 3D label are grouped in the 3D Layout then the leader lines do not follow the 3D label. This was already the case in 2019 and just tried v2020 and the same behaviour is present. see attached screenshot. Also the 3D label can not anymore be moved by using right click:"assign label legend properties to selected" In 2018 it was passible to move 3D labels in this way. Can this be listed as a bug? By the way, I would love to have a simple checkbox to turn leader lines off.
  2. yes please, also in grouped 3d labels the lines jump in all directions when moved. Still present in v2020
  3. DWG export of rotated lighting instruments works properly now. Thank you developement team!! DMX patching is a pleasant surprise too!
  4. Finally! I too have asked for this many times. Thank you very much!
  5. I personally think the check marking should be done in a second pop up window. So the main spotlight numbering window only shows the desired and chosen fields. A + and a - at the bottom of this window to add and remove fields. Also no highlighting untill a field is actually clicked on.
  6. Oh yes absolutely it all ends up on paper or PDF eventually! Just the way to it is different. Personally I am principally against this use of DLVP’s. I believe the model should be in 3D as it will be in real life and we need techniques to present that on sheet layers. Or to share this with others (perhaps non vwx people). Not the other way around. But I might be a minority.
  7. I use viewports in 3D view (mostly Front) to present things that are built in 3D in real life. Data tags and 3D labels make it possible to present information with it like in 2D. It may be a little more work in making viewports, but it saves time on drawing your plot twice. A sheet layer with front views of booms/ ladders and or scaffolds is a plot too isn’t it?
  8. Draw it in 3D and present a font view of it on your sheet layer. Maybe OpenGL or hidden line if you need it to look more clear. Use 3d labels or data tags if you need numbers in your plot. I have not drawn a 2d plot in years. There is no need to anymore
  9. There is no problem importing Sketchup if you import an older version sketchup file. For som reason the newest version import never works. Download 2017 or 2018 files from 3D warehouse and you are fine 😎
  10. @ASagatovVW @Kevin McAllister Thank you! That was the trick. It was on JPEG swapping to PNG solved everything. Thank you!!! Now to re publish 6 files 😉
  11. If can’t be class related. I opened the old file without changing anything to it. So all class settings should be exactly the same as back in May. Also i already updated so sp3 directly when it came out in March. Not sure when sp3.1 came out but did that one straight away also. I’m stumped too!
  12. Just opened a file from a project in may and updated the viewport without changing any settings see screenshot below: Ans then below screenshot from the PDF that I made then from the exact same sheet layer with exactly the same setting. Find the differences....
  13. The thing is that the projects I did in May and June did not show this distortion. I usually print my plots at around 1:100. So something changed since then, I just can’t figure out what. Have had numerous reboots and program restarts also it happens in every new file that I start now. The fact that the label fill of the OpenGL label renders fine on your machine makes me think there must be some setting somewhere that triggers the behavior. However strange it is that it is only visible on a sheet layer. I never had to increase the setting to get acceptable result. Something changed somewhere.
  14. Thanks for your reply, alpha channel is turned on. Attached is a new file with the issue replicated. Also a screenshot of the issue. This is by the way only happening on sheet layers. Hope you can see whats's wrong Test OpenGL.vwx
  15. Unfortunately that is not it. It is already set to 300
  16. Hi, I am currently having a weird open GL thing. I have three viewport on top of each other on a sheet layer. On the bottom is a opemGL frontview of a stage. In the middle is a wireframe sheet with Spotlight lights with 3d labels. And on the top is a openGL Spotlight light without the 3d Labels. This way my labels and lights always lay readible on top of any geometry in de stage. I have used this workflow for a couple of years and also on several projects this year without issues. But now all geometry in the top viewport is surrounded by white grainy smutch. See attached screenshot. Opengl is set to high quality and anti aliasing is turned on. The issue is occuring in 6 different files at this moment. They where al new 2019 files that I have imported layers + objects in. I am on VWX 19 SP3. Anyone have any ideas?
  17. That would be a not so pretty workaround. Who at the dev team would be able to tell us if this it worked on? We all really want it!
  18. @Rob Books real pan and tilt control has been on the top of the wishlist of every spotlight user worldwide for years on end. Do you as an Insider at Nemetcheck know what the policy is on this subject? Are we ever going to get it?
  19. Sorry this really does not happen to me. Once the fields are set right it does what I want.
  20. This is because you can check mark multiple fields. So then is logical that you have to highlight which one of the field you have to edit. But it agreed some improvements could be suggested to make it easier to recognize which field is highlighted at the moment you open the windows. Also so now that I am used to the way it works I now intuitively highlight my desired field before I start filling it.
  21. They Made the new tool 100000% more usefull than the last one. However maybe an improvement would be if you could hide the record fields that you do not want to use in your specific setting. Then it will easier to see what you are doing. But you will still have to click on a field before you can fill it.
  22. Should vwx magically know which field you are planning to edit?
  23. Are you using my profile? Did you install the streamdeck application? If So are you on a Windows or on a mac? If you’re on windows then you may need to re assign the keyboard shortcuts to work with control in stead of cmd key. And don’t forget to upvote at the top of this page 😉.
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