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    Vertical Truss - Front on symbols

    So just as a follow up to this, I have been using the demo version of Savvy Symbol Section and It is an excellent plug in! It does exactly what I need and is really easy to get to grips with. I have attached a couple of pictures to show the progress so far. @JBenghiat I shall be purchasing the full license very soon. Thanks, Rob.
  2. Rob Lloyd

    Vertical Truss - Front on symbols

    Thanks for all of your replies. I think I'm going to give Savvy Symbol Section a try as hopefully this will be more straightforward than trying teach myself the 3D side of things within my timescale for this event. Joshua I'll be sending over a request for a demo code soon! Thanks, Rob.
  3. Hi First post here from a Vectorworks newcomer. I'm currently drawing up a design in 2D and need to draw some vertical truss towers with 1m scaff bars, on which will hang some various fixtures. I have drawn the truss and scaff in 2D but what I really need is some symbols that are 'front facing' rather than 'top down'. I have discovered the Savvy Symbol Section tool which looks like it will do the trick, does anyone have any experience with it? I toyed with the idea of trying to create it in 3D but think that might be a tad advanced for me at this stage. I have attached a picture from my Capture model so you can see what I am trying to re-create. The 3 bottom scaffs will have 2 Chauvet R1 washes on them, the top 2 Chauvet Q40's and vertically up each cord of the truss will be 4x Miltec Batten 2. I hope this makes sense, any input or suggestions very welcome! Thanks, Rob.


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