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  1. @klinzey Excellent. Thanks for the link.
  2. Just as an update to this. SP3 has cleared up the truss placement problems and now it imports perfectly, excellent stuff. I'm still working on the Channel data issue and will update when I have more info.
  3. OK great. I shall get in touch with them. Thanks for all of your help, most appreciated.
  4. Lovely, thanks. Would raising a ticket with the support team be the right thing for getting an answer from the software development team?
  5. @jcogdell Thanks so much for your very detailed reply, it's all very useful information. I'll be sure to check out document you linked to as well. Regarding the channel number not transferring this was the answer I had from Capture - "The channel numbers are supposed to come through the MVR "FixtureId" field. However the MVR file has got this field consistently misspelled as "FixtureID". I assume this could be the data mapping error you mentioned?
  6. Hi, I have just upgraded to the latest version of Capture and am looking to make MVR a big part of my workflow. I have been doing some initial testing and have found a few issues, having spoken with Capture they have said that the problem is coming from the VW export rather than Capture import. What I am finding is the following... 1. Within Capture angled trusses import 2 copies of the truss and place them on top of each other. Video and picture below to show this. 2. Fixtures have shifted to the right off of the end of the truss. Pictures below to show positions in VW and in Capture. 3. Fixtures - Patch and Unit Number import ok but Channel Number will not transfer across. Pictures below to show this, screenshot from VW to show information in VW OIP for Channel 106. 4. When I import the MVR back into a blank VW document I am seeing the same position shift as I do within Capture, but the fixture information is present and correct. I also do not get the double copy of the angled truss as I do in Capture. Picture below to show position shift. Is anyone that is more savvy with MVR able to give any advice? I have attached various pictures, a video, the MVR and VW files. I am on a MacBook pro BigSur V11.2.2, VW2021 SP2.1 and Capture 2021. Many thanks, Rob. MVR V1.mov Truss MVR.mvr Truss MVR.vwx
  7. Hi, sorry to hijack a thread, I've just signed up for a year subscription to C4D and rather than start a new thread thought I'd jump on the end of this one. @EAlexander I'm really interested in the Hantmade Stage plugin and I know you don't use it but do you know of anyone with first hand experience? Information seems a bit sparse and I have used the contact form on the website but haven't heard back. I'm not really looking to spend out on the pro version as I don't need things like the fx engine and timeline, but see that the 'normal' version doesn't do Vectorworks exchange which could be a sticking point. I wonder if there is a way to just manually replace the imported Vectrorworks fixtures with Stage ones which isn't too much of a faff? Thanks, Rob.
  8. @TomWhiteLight thanks for the tip, didn't know about the drag and drop. Every day is a school day!
  9. Thanks Kevin, I knew there would be a simple solution!
  10. Hi all, I'm adding some truss to a design using the file supplied by the exhibition stand designer. For some reason the text on the hoist symbols is coming out tiny (see attached picture). I have searched the net for answers and tried various things but for the life of me can't seem to change it! I'm sure it's something really simple, any ideas? This is in Spotlight 2020. Thanks, Rob.
  11. @JustinVH thanks for your reply and explanation. I will add what I need to the Contents request page, it's all eurotruss bus and con spacers. Thanks, Rob.
  12. Hi all, Not sure if this belongs here or in the Braceworks forum but thought it might get more eyes here.... Is it possible to request truss to be added to library as you can with fixtures? I use Eurotruss a lot and we have all sorts of spacers to make custom sizes for exhibition work. There is already a few of the standard spacers in the library, but for non standard I'm just using the straight truss tool which is ok but having actual symbols would be better. Thanks, Rob.
  13. So just as a follow up to this, I have been using the demo version of Savvy Symbol Section and It is an excellent plug in! It does exactly what I need and is really easy to get to grips with. I have attached a couple of pictures to show the progress so far. @JBenghiat I shall be purchasing the full license very soon. Thanks, Rob.
  14. Thanks for all of your replies. I think I'm going to give Savvy Symbol Section a try as hopefully this will be more straightforward than trying teach myself the 3D side of things within my timescale for this event. Joshua I'll be sending over a request for a demo code soon! Thanks, Rob.
  15. Hi First post here from a Vectorworks newcomer. I'm currently drawing up a design in 2D and need to draw some vertical truss towers with 1m scaff bars, on which will hang some various fixtures. I have drawn the truss and scaff in 2D but what I really need is some symbols that are 'front facing' rather than 'top down'. I have discovered the Savvy Symbol Section tool which looks like it will do the trick, does anyone have any experience with it? I toyed with the idea of trying to create it in 3D but think that might be a tad advanced for me at this stage. I have attached a picture from my Capture model so you can see what I am trying to re-create. The 3 bottom scaffs will have 2 Chauvet R1 washes on them, the top 2 Chauvet Q40's and vertically up each cord of the truss will be 4x Miltec Batten 2. I hope this makes sense, any input or suggestions very welcome! Thanks, Rob.
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