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  1. try the gallery at vectordepot.com
  2. OK I see (in the 11 literature) that shear, bending moments and deflection can be calculated for simply loaded beams..can anyone at NA give me a little more information as to how this feature works??
  3. Thanks Peter, Can anyone at NA comment on this feature in VW11 as I have not come across it in any of the literature I've read.
  4. Just wondering what, if any, simple span type structural design software was being used in addition to VWA on the mac, any scripts, or may this sort of thing find its way into VWA in the future?
  5. Andrew, Thanks..that makes more sense as the main problem with ACAD viewports is that they had to be locked or else zooming (in floating model space {working directly in the viewport}) would change the scale of the viewport. But again, how is the actual performance of 11 using 9.2.2?
  6. Can the scale of viewports be locked, similart to ACAD so that when zooming in and out the scale is not lost? or has VW's implementation made this ability no longer necessary. I admit I don't understand how this works and am trying to get info before making the plunge. Also how does VW11 run under OS9.2?
  7. Ray, Thanks a million..just what I was looking for! Fred
  8. I need to print from vectorworks to my HP330 from my G4 powerbook using MacPlot. The G4 only has USB ports and my HP/MacPlot has a serial connection. Does any one know where I can get a usb to serial adapter for my G4, and if so what kind of adapter.
  9. I use both VW and Autocad extensively and am quite familiar with modelspace/paperspace, however the use of paperspace in AC is by no means universal. VW direction is somewhat confusing to me in this regard as there exists many ways to achieve the same result now, which probally is multi-scale drawings on one sheet 95% of the time. Embarking on 1:1 model layers, etc..seems like AC confusion and hassle all over again and too much like why I don't like AC now.
  10. My two cents goes to Don & Dan (4 cents actually). That said, however, the model approach with script file for the elevation sheet saves a ton of work!
  11. I have never been able to get acceptable results with the trace bitmap tool. I have switched to using Adobe Streamline for this sort of thing, and it doesn't do a great job but better than VW. Is there any plan to improve the sensitivity of this tool in the future?
  12. Does VWA 11 include a command for offseting walls? This has been one of my favorite tool (script command)
  13. "command-period" seems to work, "escape" does not. Thanks Bryan and Katie
  14. OK got model of 3 story building and wireframe looks good..select "final hidden line" rendering mode and it looks like its going to take forever once it starts. Is there a keyboard combination to STOP the rendering. Mac OS 9, VW 8.5 + Architect
  15. 1. You give each layer the "print scale" desired. when you select the print command the driver should present you with the available choice of sheet sizes. 2. select the line tool, click to start the line, tab into the edit window, type "4'" move the mouse in the direction you want the line to grow and click. 3. Layout tabs in Acad represent paperspace viewports for the purpose of printing specific drawing areas to a specific scale - VW has no equal function, use the layer scale and sheets. 4. ACAD is 1:1, VW is "print scale by layer. Note: All of the above and much more is covered in the manual. Hope this gets you started!
  16. go to http://www.monitor.net/~dbelfm/mcadtools.htm for download "4 views"
  17. Far to tedious...someone wrote a script somewhere (which I have) which prints all 4 elevation views on a separate sheet, still linked to the model. Have to search for the site...
  18. Don, That is the method I use for 2D Plans, I only use layer links for models, and saved sheets for different model views (perspective) I know its more involved, but I keep drawings in separate files, sometimes separated after things have jelled.
  19. Thanks Ray, I will give it a try (still think its a desirable feature)
  20. sorry, did not see machine and driver info at top of post. Not using x-rip but the problem seems driver set-up related. What steps have you taken in this direction?
  21. first of all, some questions: windows or mac?, if mac what driver? Have you set up the ploter and paper size per HP's directions in the 350 manual, what options are listed by the driver in "page set-up? Your plotter should work fine for the sheet size listed, more info might help to isolate the issue.
  22. Has it ever been considered to have text auto-class, similar to dimensions. This would seem to be a great feature and, for me anyhow, an obvious step.
  23. I use "Mr Hand" available from Objects Online.com, I believe. It is not as fine as archqix.shx but is a good hand drawn font. You also might consider "Graphite" and "Stylus". HTH
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