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  1. Do the window walls produced by the window wall tool behave as walls? The "space from walls" doesn't seem to think so. And another message indicates that doors cannot be simply dropped into them. Are these walls? Or windows? If windows, can I drop them into a wall?
  2. Thanks! I did eventually go with stacking layers, like a cardboard or foamcore model. A pain, but it would have been worse on a more complex project. Yes, this will tip the balance and I will purchase Architect shortly. Thanks again.
  3. No, only VectorWorks. I'd planned to acquire Architect, will that handle the site modifier? VectorWorks has handled most of my architectural needs, but a few more resources would be nice. Will Architect handle site contours, swales, slopes and such? Is there no way tohandle it in VectorWorks? -jc
  4. My site plan / model needs have generally been fairly simple and a simple extruted floor with a hole in it for the building to fit through has worked. But on my current projects I need to get a bit more specific about slopes/contours. Can anyone suggest a simple apprach to creating a model of the land form around the building? Nurbs stuff confuses the heck out of me. Thanks -jc
  5. It looks that way. Its time to see if I still can handle a pencil and water colors. Thanks! -jc
  6. I am working in 3D. It appears that I have no textures. Do I need to reinstall the program to get them? -jc
  7. I need to add a board and batten hatch to walls that I have already drawn. How to I get the hatch onto the walls? -jc
  8. I'll send the file, as suggested. The file doesn't appear to be "bad", in any other way. Thank you. -jc
  9. Yes. I tried a new stair pio in the new document, the pio from the document I am concerned with, and I copied the stair from the document. All three appeared correctly in the new document, in both 2D and 3D. Suggestions? -jc
  10. No. The stair is on the same layer as walls and floors, columns, etc. All appear in 3D in Iso view, except the stairs.
  11. The stair PIO shows up as a 2D object when the rest of the drawing is viewed as 3D. The create 3D box is checked. Sometimes if I ignore it, I find it working normally the next day. Sometimes I delete the stair and insert a new one. Any idea what I'm doing that is making this happen? Thanks. -jc
  12. Thanks! I was only trying to get my elevetions to appear on a printed page as they would appear in a traditional set of drawing sheets. But this idea is really interesting. My machine is starting to slow down under the weight of the current file and the project is nearly complete, so I'll try it on another project. Double thanks! Now I have a reason to buy some more RAM! As I anxiously await the G5 powerbook.
  13. I'm using VectorWorks 10 on MacOS Panther. In my VectorWorks Application files, I have .mcd files in folders named, Extras, Object Libraries and Resources. I just downloaded some new ones. Where do they belong?
  14. Never mind. The "Convert Copy to Polygons" was want I was looking for.
  15. How can I get two elevations of the same layer linked building onto a single page for printing? -jc [ 01-24-2004, 10:04 PM: Message edited by: John Callan ]


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