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  1. How about in previous versions to version 11.5.? How difficult can it be?
  2. I am thinking seriously in upgrading. However, I would like to learn the software more in depth first. One question: How can I print several drawings in one sheet?
  3. I am using VW-Arch.-Rend. 10.5.1
  4. Hi All, I have been taught ACad from school and now working for Firm, I am also using it. Furthermore, I am used to deal with the viewports from ACad. Now I have been reading that VW 11.5 is including that feature. Great! But how did the previous versions manage to make a presentation sheet without viewports? Thanks! (I will need an answer about that very soon, I am sure)
  5. Harold


    Thank you for the answers. About the windows: I am trying to draw the plan and to have already the elevation done at the same time. I would like to define frame width and lintels also. However, and this is now related to other issue, when I try to see the elevation, the other elements that are 2D (i.e., hatching), don't move. How does VW manage to create elevations?
  6. Harold

    Tiles in Bath

    Thanks. What I found out is that you can draw a polyline and then double click the desired hatching and the area defined by the polilyne will change with the selected pattern. After that, sent the area to the back so I could see the plumbing fixtures on top of the floor. Works great!
  7. Harold


    More basic questions: How can I add shadows to plants in plan? Is there a way to insert toilets without the partition walls? Where are the sinks and showers? Can I define a new window from an existing one and rename it? Thanks so much.
  8. Is there a way to apply a hatch in a room without having to draw a square to define the boundaries of the hatching?
  9. I have a 44" space between two walls where I need to have a stair. Is there an specific way how to insert it from the toolbar? Everytime I chose the stairs comand, it inserts one with the arrow indicating DOWN and also one of the walls always moves from its original locatino. How can I insert it going up? And also how I am supposed to create the cut line for the treads above 3'6" from floor level?
  10. Alright Cipes, you just opened another window of opportunity for adventure! i did not know that about workspace. Cool. Good machine (G5) by the way (I added that in my signature too, just to be supportive!)
  11. Thanks CipesDesign, that was the right way to upload them! I also tried to upload landscaping information and still it seems to be more to be discovered!!! Cool!
  12. I got VW approx. a year ago. I have only used it for one competition in my last semester in Arch. school last Spring, and then, after getting a REAL job, I have been forced to keep using AutoCad Desktop. Very sad. My questions are still very much basic: * Where can I find the list of all the hatches I have available (I have Architects and RenderWorks)? The only one I can see once inside my drawings, is a diagonal 45 degrees. Nothing else. *In the same order, where can I find (and upload?) all the landscape elements to insert into a plan/elevations? I found a series of files through the finder and clicking on them, they open as an additional regular VW file, and the only way i have found to bring trees into my existing drawings has been to copy a tree with a regular "copy-paste" procedure. I would really appreciate any input!
  13. How about for those who just got VW 10? No people at all?
  14. Harold

    Creating space

    IT WAS THERE!!! Thanks! When you said that I can install it did you mean from the CD or is it in some folder already in the hard drive?
  15. I am trying to create walls from polygons, but it seems that what the manual for Vectorworks explains, does not apply for VW Architect (and also got its manual). Is that right? I can't find the option "create walls from polygons". Instead, I can create space first, and then try to create walls from spaces. (and I am not even sure if it is because of the scale I am working with, 1:1, I don't see the walls anywhere!) Thanks so much. I'd appreciate it.


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