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  1. I'm using a MacBook Pro 2019 i9, 32GB RAM, 5500 8GB video card, VW 2022 SP4, OS Monterey When I render with Redshift, Vectorworks will not allow any other activity. I can't activate any pull down menus, I can't work on another file, etc. Nothing. The file I'm rendering is a trade show exhibit with maybe 25 spotlights, some transparency (windows), in short, I don't think it is a real complicated file. I don't have anything like text converted to polygons, or any other intense geometry. It takes over an hour to render on the Fast Interior rendering Style...not even Final. I'd say most everything is set on medium. It takes the MacBook Pro down to 58% processor speed as the temperature of the CPU nears 200 degrees F (around 93 degrees C). Is this normal? When it is all finished, the quality isn't really any better than the non-Redshift setting for Interior Fast. Is this normal? I thought this MacBook was great for VW, but I'm not so sure. What is everyone else's experience in using Redshift vs. the ordinary Styles settings? Thanks, MH Brown
  2. Thanks. I think it was a selected face when using the texture apply tool. If you select a single face it shows a the red outline I was seeing. The problem was that it would not go away no matter what I did. I finally went back and deselected the outlined face. Apparently, the texture tool does not release when clicking in the drawing or hitting the "x" key. Thanks for your help! MHBrown
  3. I just upgraded VW 2022 to SP4 on a MBP 16" i9. All of a sudden, this red square has appeared on one of my extrudes. I cannot delete it and it appears in the extrude edit window, too. Anyone know what it is? Thanks, MHBrown
  4. I sometimes have to click the "solid" window twice to get it to work properly--on every filled object! Talk about a time-waster. I just upgraded to SP4 and none of the bugs I'm aware of have been fixed: - This hidden line not rendering problem. - I can't switch between open files by clicking on the window tabs. - Imported PDFs, regardless of size, still result in the spinning pinwheel when moving or even dimensioning. - Images and dimension strings flicker and disappear and reappear and flicker... when inside Edit Attributes. It is almost unusable. - Texture thumbnail images in the Resource Window are still missing, replaced by some sort of default white-to-black gradient. Awful. I don't think anything was done in SP4. It was pretty pointless to upgrade; ten minutes I'll never get back. MHBrown
  5. Happy Friday, I'm using the latest build of VW2022 on a MBP i9, 32GB RAM, 8GB VRAM As shown in Screen ShotVW is still occasionally rendering hidden line without fills in the Viewports. As shown in the screenshot) not accurately showing where the objects are in space. As the screenshot shows, the image renders far away from where the object geometry is located (as shown by the handles). This usually happens out of the blue with no particular reason. This is not a complex file. Yes, everything is filled. Yes, all the poly lines and polygons are closed. Yes, to all of the easy questions. Please do not ask me to: do a restart, close and open VW, clear my preferences or any other suggestion that is a failure of the coding. It is not a problem with this particular file because it happens with many files. This is not a previous version opened in VW. It is a native 2022 file created from a 2022 blank. There is only one texture map. Anyone know when this bug will be fixed? I'm thinking it is some sort of compatibility problem with the video card and VW. Does that sound right? Any ideas on how to fix? Thanks, MH Brown
  6. It is still lagging in 2022 sp3.1. It is a problem with the VW 2022 software. In my case--also on an i9 16" MacPro with similar specs as the OP--it is horribly slow with any 2D images. This includes small jpegs and png files up to large PDFs. Doesn't seem to matter. There are other serious lag problems, but this inability to handle 2D files is absolutely fundamental to any CAD program and I find it hard to believe that the VW staff (overworked since going to a yearly subscription model) simply can't keep up. What used to be a rock-solid CAD app is rapidly losing its reputation as these basic problems are released, unsolved. It's really unfortunate, especially since the rendering quality is now at a very high level. MHBrown
  7. I am having the same problem. I can copy and paste a drawing label from another file, but it immediately disappears if I try to insert a new one. I only have two classes and both are on. The label is "unstyled." MHBrown
  8. I, for one, have no idea what "story aware" means. I have to believe there is a better way to describe what is happening, but I also think it may be an unnecessary message. MIke
  9. It is a bug because the language makes no sense. As far as I know, all it is trying to say is that the class that it is going into does not exist. So what? The class is brought into existence as soon as the symbol is inserted. At least that is how it should work. At a minimum, the language should read something like "The symbol you are inserting is in a class that does not yet exist in your drawing." Mike
  10. Why is this absurd bug still in VW2022. It goes back at least to VW 2017. Don't you think it is time to fix it? Thanks, MHBrown
  11. Thanks, Pat, but I have no idea what "IMNSHO" means. Right now I have imported a 35MB PDF into a VW file. In 1989 that would have been a huge file, nearly the size of many hard drives. Today, however, that is tiny. Once imported, however, my MBP 16" i9 with 32GB of RAM slowed to a crawl. I'm getting beachball times of 15 to 20 seconds just dimensioning a view port of this PDF. I find that inexcusable in modern software. With all due respect, it has nothing to do with with the possible causes you mentioned. At least it shouldn't, not in 2022. In my experience, it probably has to do with either 1.) sloppy coding in the OS or 2.) sloppy coding in the software. File handling is so important especially when referencing files as VW does it really needs to have a lot of attention put to it. As with just about everything, it is the unsexy things that count the most. I really like VW and I believe, on balance, it works much better than other CAD/rendering apps I've used. I love being able to build one CAD model and use it from concept, schematic, final design and on to CDs. But this PDF thing is really a killer. I'd love to know why it happens, how to get around it, and/or when it will be fixed. Now, about texture mapping...:-) Thanks, Mike
  12. Start my computer? I rarely turn it off. I just let it sleep. Thanks! Mike
  13. Thanks, I'll try those things. I'm using a MacBook Pro which does not have upgradable memory, so it's all Apple. Anyway, bad RAM would probably exhibit global, OS-level glitches and I've not seen anything like that. Thank you for the tips! Mike
  14. Ever since I upgraded to SP5 (curiously reflected as "SP3.1" when I boot VW) I can't import more than one PDF. A second PDF causes a death-spiral beachball and requires a force quit. Coincidental to this problem is the inability to close a VW file by clicking the red circle at the top, left side the window. This, of course, is added to the problem of not being able to switch between multiple open files by clicking on the window tab. It only switches via the "Window" pull down menu. These and other bugs are annoying, but not totally fatal, but this PDF problem is BIG. I often import PDFs and VW's failure to do this anymore is a big pain. I have to change a file to some bitmap format to bring it in and you can't snap to a JPEG. I need vector file import. Is anyone else seeing this and, if so, have any idea how to fix it? Thanks, MHBrown
  15. Thanks, Larry, I suppose that would work great as well. I'm not sure why translating to a .dwg format is a high-priority with viewport functionality. In the rare instances where I need to export a .dwg/.dwx file I usually export the 3D model directly. That said, I think the ability to choose units with the dimension tool would be fine as long as you didn't have to look through a long menu every time you did it. To me, viewports are the best place to pick your units because that is where you pick your scale. The scale of the drawing, of course, drives the selection of which units to use. It's not really something that should have to be done every time one draws a dimension.
  16. First of all, the "Imperial System" of measurement is neither better nor worse than the Metric system or any other random unit-based system. Who is to say that a power of 10s based system is any more intuitive than an inverse power of 2 system? Does it not depend on what you grew up with? Value judgements on such human inventions are non-sensical. Anyway, I digress. And you were probably just doing some harmless needling us insecure Imperial users, anyway. I think your method would work, so thanks for the tip, but I want something that is not so clumsy. Right now, when I want to change to feet or meters or whatever I do it globally under the Document settings, as if it were in the same category as sheet size. It is not. What I and, I believe, others want is a way to do this from inside a viewport--ideally in the OIP. So if I'm doing a detail that is half-scale, I can simply choose a reasonable unit type without having to go to the trouble of creating a class. I may never have a detail like that in the rest of the drawing. Or, worse, I may have lots of different scales in a drawing package and end up with a zoo of classes, many with only a handful of occupants. That's not really the purpose of classes. No, I think that once inside a viewport the user should be able to select not just the scale, but the units as well. These go together like nothing else in drafting (or "draughting" if you are into conservation of spelling so common in English🙂.) In short, if I can pick the scale; I need to pick the units. Pretty obvious to me, but that could just be my workflow. Mike
  17. If VW knows line lights don't work and haven't worked in at least five years, why are they still included in VectorWorks? Saying that they are not "getting any love anytime soon" is the worst kind of business attitude I've ever experienced. That is essentially saying that the people who work on VW don't care if it works or if it doesn't. Look, it is like this: if it is included in the application it must work. We users pay a fortune for this software and it paints itself has a professional level piece of software. This kind of cavelier attitude shows this to be a sham. Either fix it or apologize for the years of deception and pull it out. What arrogance. What other failing "features" are VW's staff ignoring? Thanks, MHBrown
  18. Oh well, yet another bug. Thanks for filling me in. Editing symbols--which is a fundamental operation in Vectorworks--has been in decline for a while. For example, unless you find and edit a symbol from the bloated and tangled Resource Palette, the symbol appears skewed at the angle in which it is placed in the drawing. Double-clicking a symbol still puts you in the edit window, but skewed. This sort of defeats the purpose of having symbols as an easy to edit operation. You can go to Top/Plan and it straightens out, but all other projections go back to the in-place orientation. It was better in VW2013 (which I still use on my 2008 MacPro from time to time). Don't get me started on the texture mapping tools and lighting. Both are going down the wrong road. I hope they right the ship at some point since I like the improved rendering itself. MHBrown
  19. The texture mapping in VW 2022 is so screwed up that I think it is a total re-do. I have a textured object and no matter what I choose (plane, UV, etc.) I get an error saying the Attribute Mapping tool can only be used on objects with textures. My object HAS a texture, but it does not work. This. Is. A. MESS. So is lighting, for that matter. This is what happens when a too-small company used to 24 month major releases goes subscription with the same staff size doing 12 month subscription major releases. The only thing "major" about it is the bugs. MH Brown
  20. Sorry, I'm talking about in the Resource Manager (see image). The thumbnails are missing. Thanks, Mike
  21. Latest version of VW2022, Mac Monterey, MacBook Pro 2019 Title says it all: this apparently long-lived bug is still with us. I cannot see thumbnails in the RB's texture map window. It only shows a sad black to transparent gradient where a thumbnail of the image map should be. Why has this not been fixed? Will it ever be fixed? Is there a way to temporarily fix it? Thanks, MHBrown
  22. Hi Frank, I know you are trying to help, but I don't have a clue as to what you are talking about. Way, way back in 1992 I used something called Claris CAD ("Claris" was, I believe, Apple's software branch). In any design window (similar--in a very simple way--to VW's viewports) you could pick your units: from mm to hectare. This was a good idea 30 years ago and it is a good idea now. With all due respect (and I know you have an infinite amount of knowledge as to how CAD systems should work) your answer should have been something like, "Yes, that is an egregious flaw in VW. Sorry." Thanks, Mike
  23. For me, this is a must, must, must have: Units must have more flexibility beyond the global setting. As it stands now, a drawing's units must be the same in every viewport because it is set globally. Vectorworks MUST make it to where you may change unit types as a part of the edits in the Viewport Annotation window. The original global setting can be the default, but do you really think a single drawing page--much less an entire drawing package--should have just one units type? Small details are best dimensioned in inches (or mm/cm) where as large areas are better as feet and inches (or meters). This is such an egregious flaw I always check to make sure it is still there in each new version. Please fix this! MHBrown
  24. I've been experimenting with Twinmotion 2022 lately, using my 16" 2019 MacBook Pro. I have the I9 processor, 8GB VRAM, 32GB RAM, running OS Monterey. I exported using the included plug-in from Vecorworks and opened it in Twinmotion. The model I'm using as a test is a 20'x20' trade show booth with a lot of curved surfaces. Even when I have the settings set to "Ultra" the curves are all faceted. The whole image looks flat and the shadows are not terribly well done. I know this is a real-time engine, but I was thinking of something a bit better. I certainly didn't expect to see faceted curves. I must be missing something simple. Is anyone else getting good quality images for exhibit design? Thanks, Mike
  25. Thanks for the good advice, but I was able to import the exact same texture from another file and the reflections returned. That a texture could go bad that quickly is a little disconcerting. Also, the mapping problem is still there (where it looks fine in Shaded, but is displaced in Styles rendering), as is the curious error message that from time-to-time that I can't edit an object's texture because it doesn't have a texture applied. Why can't it see the texture? I have rarely had any of these problems in previous VW files going all the way back to VW9. Although the rendering has improved amazingly, so have these problems that seem to be caused by file corruption. It makes tight deadlines a bit more nerve-wracking because I just hold my breath and hope nothing goes sour at the wrong time. Before the subscription yearly upgrade program I didn't have this problem. Is the VW staff being overworked to keep up and, in the process, putting out a less robust CAD program? Oh well, it's still better behaved than Adobe products. I should count my blessings! Mike
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