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  1. This is hard to describe, so I attached a screenshot. But I'll give it a try. When I open a file in VW2020 SP3.1 it puts itself into a tab. Each subsequent file I open is placed in a tab. This makes it easy to switch between files, so is generally pretty handy for me. If, however, I click the little gray "X" to close all the files I'm left with the giant gray rectangle shown in the screenshot. There is no red dot in the upper left corner to close it; I can only either minimize it or fit it to my screen. Why would I need to minimize this box of nothing? Even worse, why would I want to have it fill my screen, hiding everything on my screen with a gray rectangle. In short, this is a pointless--and pretty obnoxious--impediment to getting work done. It must go. I've tried to find a preference like "Hide Useless Objects," but have found none. How do I rid myself of this meddlesome box? What Einstein at VW thought this was a splendid idea? Am I the only one who finds this annoying? Thanks for any advice. MHBrown
  2. Thanks, Pat, I think I tried all that, but I'll give it another try. I'm pretty sure those don't work while in Edit Symbol mode, but I'll double check. I hope I'm wrong! Mike
  3. There is still a huge bug that persists from at least VW2018. That is when you go into a 3D symbol to edit, you cannot draw a 2D object in any view but top plan. It is outrageous that his still exists and makes it nearly impossible to edit symbols. This along with the long-standing bug of having 3D symbols take on the orientation of the symbol instance that was clicked on makes symbol updates exceedingly laborious. These have been known bugs for a while. Please let me know where I need to post them...again... to get some action. Thanks, MHBrown
  4. Thanks for your help, Kevin. What is VSS? Some sort of secret society? I've paid in advance for a year for my VW subscription and I got the desktop app. I am signed in to Vectorworks Cloud Services which, call me crazy, makes me think that I can use the Vectorworks Cloud Service that pops up on my rendering choices. Just how many additional hoops do I need to jump through? Is Vectorworks Cloud Services the same thing as VSS? It seems a little more complicated than it needs to be. I like the idea of having the rendering take place off site. When I look at the Help menu it doesn't say anything about having to sign up for more. I don't know how large the rendering is because I have not rendered it yet, but is is only 300 frames (10 seconds). Thanks again for you help! Mike
  5. Using VW2020 with OS Catalina. I have an animation to render, so I thought I'd try Vectorworks Cloud Services. I received the attached message. Does this mean I'm not signed up with my yearly subscription payment or does this service just not work? Thanks, Mike
  6. This has happened to me many times and I think I figured out a work-around. For me, this seemed to happen with files that were created in VW2018 and opened in VW2020. I completely scrapped files created in a previous version and re-created them with "untitled" VW2020 files. So far, these "pure" files have not been losing their handles...not much anyway. I'm very carful not to copy and paste anything into them that came from another file. That's hard to do after working with MiniCAD/VW for nearly 25 years. This is a serious problem because I'd venture to say that every user--as in 100%--who is not coming new to VW will always be opening files created in a previous version. I have not been able to isolate what exactly it is that is incompatible between the versions. That will be impossible to determine unless you are digging into the code, I suspect. But it's worth a try. Thanks Mike
  7. The Fillet tool randomly not working on some edges is more of a problem since I use that a lot when modeling furniture (think of the rounded edges of a Barco lounge chair). I'll try your solution and see if it works on the usually-dependable Align tool. It is very hit-and-miss, however, so I only have observational data. I can't really do a properly designed test. Thanks, Mike
  8. Thanks, Stephan, the multiple panes solved it for a while, but it came back. I'm trying out an idea. I'm starting with a new 2020 document with no legacy parts from VW2018 or '19. So far, pretty good. The Align tool stopped working when trying to Align to Left with a poly line and an extrusion (while in Front view). Both objects were 3D entities. The control handles have returned, however, and I'm going to try to do an Extrude Along Path with a 3D NURBS curve. That will be a good test. Also, I will see if the 3D Fillet tool is working again. Yesterday it refused to put a fillet on some objects. I'm not having luck with the deform tool, but I think it is common knowledge that these tools are horrible at best, so I can't make any inferences from them. Thanks for the tips! Mike
  9. Hmmm...that seems to have brought the handles back. Thanks! I wonder if it will help with the fillet tool suddenly saying my extrude is locked and cannot be executed.I'll check and see if it helps the Other Objects in Groups problem.
  10. Thanks, Matt. I'll try that. I never use multiple view panes, but lately I've entered into it by mistake a couple of times. Maybe that is it. I'll try it out. Mike
  11. This problem apparently appeared in 2010, nearly a decade ago. It will probably never be fixed. Occam's Razor would suggest that the problem is that the VW staff is being asked by clueless Admin stuffed shirts to have yearly major releases. I will bet that VW has not doubled its staff to accomplish this, so they can't. They do the best they can so they don't get fired, but the impossible cannot be done. Admin doesn't care. They don't have the intelligence to care. The staff with actual skills are over-worked and eventually become disheartened. The reputation of VW begins to corrode and a once great product is destroyed. This is my guess as to what is happening because I see it happening everywhere. I sympathize with the hard-working people at VW who want to put out a great product, but are not allowed to by their bosses who have no concept as to how to run a business. Only how to ruin one. Mike
  12. For what it's worth, I'm using a new MacBook Pro 16" with 32GB ram and 8GB of VRAM (graphics card). Mike
  13. As a rule, I recreate workspaces in the new version. Not because I'm trying to avoid conflicts, but more because I'm not sure what I want in my workspace. I'm always tweaking it, so I tend to want to start over. I pull in some legacy tools, like the data stamp, but I don't do too much modification otherwise.
  14. This problem apparently appeared in 2010, nearly a decade ago. It will probably never be fixed. Here is a file that has all the problems: objects are still shown in groups, The paths of the chair leg extrudes have no handles. They are NURBS curves, but any poly line has no handles. Control handles are missing on 2D and 3D objects (just the annoying yellow outline that I WISH I could turn off.) Please do NOT say that this is all because it is a file created in an earlier version. EVERY file from EVERY user except those new to VW was created in an earlier version. Stacking Chairs, Sonic A1.vwx
  15. Hi, Kevin, It seems to happen with editing paths for Extrude Along Path and other similar situations. If something is a simple group, it usually works. It happens in all files. I'm a little puzzled by your comment that this happens in files "...brought forward from older versions." I believe 100% of VW users outside of the group starting with v2020 is bringing in files from other versions. That compatibility should be the number 1 concern of the programmers since is affects every single user in the established user base. Am I doing something wrong? Should I be copying all my VW2018 files and pasting in to blank 2020 files? That would be laborious since the sheets, views, layers, etc. don't transfer....unless I'm missing something. I usually just open the old file and save it as the new version. Is that not the correct way to do it? Thanks, Mike
  16. Pretty big bug here. Not as big a the missing control handles bug, but still big. Although I have "show other objects while in editing mode" deselected, VW is still showing everything while I am editing. I am finding VW2020 to be a bug-infested mess and I am somewhat embarrassed since I recommended it to my company, coming from VW 2018. What is up with this? Is anyone else experiencing objects not hiding themselves while editing? I could not find a topic on this in the forums. VW2020 Mac Catalina Mike
  17. Sorry, Will, I mistakenly thought you worked for VW. Can someone from VW please comment on this?
  18. Will, this is not a "bug" as in some minor inconvenience. It makes VW 2020 unusable. Un-usable as in "not able to be used." Imagine a car that has a "bug" in that the engine has been filled with cement and, for good measure, set on fire. It that a "bug" with the car? No. It is a serious problem. At the moment I'm looking at creating a curved metal tube chair leg using a carefully constructed NURBS curve consisting of bends and straight sections. It has to be right. Now, why don't you tell me how I'm supposed to manipulate this--or another object--without seeing the control handles? I might as well turn off the monitor. I do not have another version of VW on my computer, nor should I have to. It has been over a month now since your post above and I have not seen any action on this major, major problem. "Bug" indeed. All of VW's great tools are essentially neutered while I wait or struggle, blindly monkey-clicking all around the vicinity where the handles should be, but. are. not. As you can tell I'm a little upset by this and I apologize for my stern affect, but I feel I need to light a fire under someone. Please fix this.
  19. Can Vectorworks 2020 export into SketchUP? I can't seem to find an answer.
  20. Thanks, Kevin, but I'm not sure I completely understand what you are trying to tell me. What is an "msg"? Is that a gradient? If so, then are you saying to save it as an alpha channel in Photoshop? I thought an alpha channel was basically a transparent background. That's how I've always used it, but I suppose I should try it. Then, once I have this TIFF file, where do I place it when I pull it into VectorWorks? Does it go in the "image mask" field of the Texture Map edit window (under transparency)? When I do that I end up with a texture that seems like it should work, but none of the mapping controls work in the Object Info window. I'm not sure it should be this difficult, so I must be doing something wrong that is very simple. I'll keep trying! Thanks, Mike
  21. When I create a museum exhibition component, I sometimes place it on a floor that "disappears" into the background. I've been doing this in Strata Studio for years, but I'm trying to get away from having to export for rendering. I'd like to keep everything in Vectorworks. In Strata, I simply add a transparency mask gradient in the texture map that goes from black to white. Where it is black, the entire mapped image shows through. White is 100 percent transparent. An object with this texture applied smoothly goes from solid to transparent and is a nice effect for renderings. I do it with ceilings as well. I can't, however, see how to do this in VectorWorks 2020. When I google it, I get the same question, but it is from years ago: 2009, 2013, etc. Nothing modern. Any ideas are very helpful. Thanks! Mike
  22. I'm using VW2020 on a MacPro running Catalina. When I place a Renderworks camera into my design layer (while in Top/Plan view) I get the correct object information window, but there is no trace of the camera. As soon as I click to place it, it disappears. I have been adding Renderworks cameras for as long as there has been a Renderworks, so I know how to do it. I know there are visibility preferences, but the settings do not seem to affect the camera visibility. Does anyone have an idea as to why this file is not showing cameras? When I open a new, untitled file any placed cameras appear, so it seems to be some setting in the misbehaving file. Thanks, Mike
  23. Thanks for the tips. Does anyone have any advice on how to prepare the VW file before exporting? Should I convert it to something like NURBS solids or generic solids? I worry that some of the geometry won't be interpreted accurately when exported (such as Extrude Along Path or Solid Subtractions/Additions). Thanks, Mike
  24. Hi, All, I'm creating 3D models of furniture to be placed on my website to be downloaded by designers for use in their modeling. Needless to say, there are lots of different CAD packages being used out there. I'm trying to keep the geometry simple. My question is how should I convert the VW models so that they will export cleanly? Making them 3D NURBS seemed to work well when I exported them as DWG/DFX and 3D Studio Max formats. Or should I leave the models in their VW formats and just export them? I have some exotic shapes created using subdivisions, sweeps, extrude-along-paths, etc. I'm not sure if I leave them all as they are that they will export into something useful for someone using AutoCAD or one of the other dozen or so modeling applications out there. I hope this makes sense and someone can give me some tips on 1.) how to prepare a VW model for export and 2.) the best format in which to export it when the end-user software is unknown. Thanks for any help! Mike Brown VW 2020, MacBook Pro, OS10.15.1 (Catalina)


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