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  1. That worked a treat thanks.
  2. Hi. How do I set the default Notes and Callouts database location to somewhere it will sync as I use 2 laptops. It's driving me made having to find my way from [VW]Libraries/defaults/ to a cloud service. I've tries iCloud, Dropbox, Sync.com and Vectorworks Cloud service, but it's in app that goes back to the MacBooks' Library default folder every time I open a callout/note list. This leads to a file with a different reference to the source, ending up in a mess or incorrect or "N/A" list entries.
  3. Hi. Where can I find (or how do I import) a 2d elevation of a fridge freezer? I have an oven, but the tall fridge/freezers are all 3d and I'm drawing in 2D, so I only see the top of the appliance. Thanks, Andy.
  4. Hi. Newbie here. How do I alter the default source location for Callouts and Notes to Vectorworks Cloud Service? I work on 2 laptops in 2 locations, and every time I open callouts or notes, I have to navigate to the cloud services location for every note. I'm trying to build a database of regularly used lists and details, but it's driving me made having to find my way from [VW]Libraries/defaults/Notes/--- to my cloud location. Or does this location sync over VW Cloud?? 🤔 Thanks, Andy.
  5. Thanks; food for thought.
  6. Hi. With the new Macbook 16" on the horizon, does anybody have experience running VW on a M1 chip machine, and any recommendations on the spec I should need to order, above the obvious 'get the best you can afford'. Any guidance on the mininum I should look at would be welcome. Thanks, Andy.
  7. Hi. Is it possible for VW Cloud services to run in the background and not show I the dock on my Mackbook Pro? It seems invasive sitting there, it doesn't work if I close it (obviously), and even then, it seems so very much slower than iCloud (I fear sync issues from my experience with other software syncing), Dropbox (which I'm not a fan of) or my favourite syncing method through Sync.com? Any experience would be helpful. Thanks, Andy.
  8. Thanks for the tip, but it sounds easier to go about it post export in a pdf editor.
  9. I couldn't find it in the obvious places either. 🤔
  10. Hi. As a new user, I'm still trying to pick up the basics. Is it possible to change the dimension font colour without changing the line and arrow colour?
  11. Thanks. Is it possible to change the dimension font colour without changing the line and arrow colour?
  12. Also, I can't access File- document setup- document settings, and when I select an object nothing shows in the OI panel. I'm getting seriously frustrated now.🤬
  13. Hi. On 1 of my MacBooks (a slightly newer one) I get this message during startup, and the MacBook randomly restarts to the login page, closing and loosing VW data if not saved, and closing VW. I have tried restarting VW, the laptop and reinstalling VW2022. VW2022 is working fine on the older, less powerful one, and loads smoothly. How do I correct this, and could the 2 issues be related. Both MacBooks are near clones of each other. Also, I find saving and reopening a file causes callouts to randomly rearrange, or just go to N/A. I see this is a previously mentioned issue. Is there a cause/remedy or should I just ditch the callouts. I am syncing over both Sync.com and iCloud.
  14. PS. The close to save location for notes trick didn't work. It defaults back to <none> Any other ideas?
  15. I think what I'm looking for may be done with 'general notes'. I have 5 viewports; some with a keynote and list, and some with a 'general note' added. 1. Some add the list/keynotes in the viewport and some are outside of the viewport on the sheet (but not the design layer). Where should they be? 2. What class/layer should the viewport itself be placed in; 'none (class) and sheet number (layer)'? 3. Can I access drawings for firing from a company (Hafele) for kitchen hardware, and if so how do I get and save them? I guess the save bit is simply adding the file with them in to my favourites in the resource manager. And I found placing the dimensions and notes on the sheet later-annotations level keeps the design layer super clean for me, and the cloud works very well. Your help has helped a lot; I have already submitted my first set of design drawings and had them accepted by a client. Thanks, Andy.
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