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  1. Yup, did that - still doesn't work.
  2. Okay great, thanks. I found that it was on the none class and I got it on. BUT, now everything in the none class is on and I don't want that. I tried to move the crop object to a different class and then turn the none class off but it still keeps disappearing. Now what?
  3. In one of my files, I am unable to adjust the cropping of my viewports. The viewports are on a visible layer, but there is no box drawn around them (as it is in another file where I did viewports). Even though there is no box around it, it still lets me double click on it to edit the crop. However, once I get into edit mode, there is still no box and nothing to click on to edit it. What did I do wrong here? Even when I create new viewports, the same thing is happening. (BTW, I'm using VW 2008)
  4. In Vectorworks 2008, within a drawing set, is there a way for one person to be working on one sheet on their computer while another person is working on a different sheet (within the same drawing set) on another computer? Christi
  5. Wes, We tried that and for some reason it doesn't work. Do you have any other suggestions? I would really like it trace around the jamb, the sash, and the glass rather than highlighting the whole component. I attached a pdf that shows a door inserted. The door is doing exactly what I want the window to do. Christi
  6. I have attached a pdf that refers to my questions below: 1. In Vectorworks 11, when a window is inserted into a wall, it automatically assumed the wall's line weights tracing around the areas that are cut through in section. In Vectorworks 2008, the window is inserted and has thinner line weights than the wall. How do I get the lineweights of the window to read appropriately in plan view and reflect the line weight of the wall? 2. Also, the fill of the wall has disappeared when I splayed the window. How do I maintain that fill?


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