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  1. Is this 2020 native or from previous versions of VW? Just wondering if something is "lost in translation".
  2. you can activate "by name" order by clicking the "name" header, you should see little arrow on the right hand side of the header
  3. TKA


    I have a file which has been in use since 2019, it has a bout 110 pages (sheets) and for some reason I cannot print past the page #58. This applies to published pdf set, trying to print directly from VW, same with the same file from 2019. I replaced the printer driver, tried different printer too. I tried printing via apple print, preview and in all cases the print appears to be spooling to the printer and then disappears. Eventually I determined that it is the pdf part of the page that's the cause. Whether in sheet layer or in viewport it makes no difference, I have made a new pdf (screen grab) and it still doesn't work.
  4. I am sure someone asked about it before, is there a way to have VW not display all available fonts? On OSX is there a way to limit the list or divide it into "user" fonts and general fonts? Or may be convert the last used fonts (at the beginning of the list) to favorite fonts?
  5. actually dark mode would work just fine in reverse (white on black background), polygon double line looks like a single thick line, I just hired 2 new people, worked on 2019 and now they are getting confused
  6. I have been working in "dark mode" for a few weeks now and I wish I could go back to 2019.
  7. on new MacBook Pro testing 2020 on Mojave. So far I have not any problems so many people reported, zero. Today though I have run into a strange problem: Upon opening 2019 file I noticed stair data font defaulted to ARIAL, tried to change no effect, new blank file in 2020 with new stair has the same problem. Does anybody has this issue?
  8. this is a good point, shading and 3d like graphic elaborations do not help. The screen resolution, graphic cards etc all get significantly better, I would recommend just sharpening up old icons and use color and fill sparingly and only when necessary. I am on Mac and I have been using Dark Mode for 2019, for 2020 there is no way I can use Dark Mode, to hard to look at and the White Mode looks just clunky, though here and there some icons are a bit better.
  9. I agree, readability is not working well, I think by having some icons filled in (bright on dark background) creates to mach contrast next dimension icons. I prefer the old ones for sure - optically more even, more equal
  10. that's strange, I installed 2020 today for testing and the first that came up was 2020 asking what do I want to migrate with options for workspaces, shortcuts, libraries etc
  11. wait a minute, there is no orchestra and singing praises for the new release, just a silent spy like appearance???
  12. if you erase old crop then it will let you do a new one the way you want
  13. may be if you just let the cursor hover above the object it may appear selected but it isn't, that actually happens to me when working fast
  14. highlight the object, in the info box click on render tab (on the right) then in the middle of the info box there will be rotation scale
  15. for some reason, additionally, I need to select next box below : "preserve...." too make it happen
  16. Sorry, what I meant was "publish" to match the stacking order, sheet numbers have different prefixes which change the stacking order to alphabetical. I have a set where a need to change sheet numbers and names as I develop it (need to print progress sets) and every time I need to essentially start from scratch, over 120 pages and suddenly its a lot of work, almost easier to just save it as pdf and just drag pages around in pdf reader.
  17. I was wondering why by default publish box organizes sheets alphabetically by name as opposed to sheet number which is presumably what everybody does, am I missing some hidden option to set "publish" by sheet number?
  18. I bring them as pdf via copy (from preview, paste from clipboard and drop solid background in attributes, that works on Mac, don't know about windows
  19. sane set up, I am getting beach balls when selecting drawing label in annotations, also anytime I touch some of the parametric objects like table with chairs getting it to, sometimes I return to viewport and info box is still showing table as seated object. But its not consistent, still trying to figure out what causes it.
  20. I am trying to do a simple thing: have space tool elements different attributes via classes. Class assignment is working fine, however, it seems like pen and fill cannot have different attributes, namely, I am trying to have fill @ 5% and label @ 100% opacity - space sits on top of everything else with label being 100% sharp and area fill color coded but showing furniture etc behind. Is it just me or is the label tool working that way.
  21. TKA

    stair tool

    so I managed to get it done with legacy custom stair tool. I think there should be a check box "override stair tool logic"
  22. TKA

    stair tool

    I have been trying to configure rather simple stair. In 2018 it nearly impossible, but in 2019 I am getting close. My main issue is that I am getting error messages (two treads are partially melted..., etc) that doesn't explain what is wrong and it does not make sense geometrically. So I am wondering if anybody knows which settings are causing this. Also, I arrived at this configuration by trial and error changing different values till I almost got what I wanted. Also, it is not possible to have nosing in this stair, I unlocked overall stair dim . Attached is line drawing of the stair and above is VW stair which has one offset set at 2" and it cannot get smaller.
  23. there is a line type edit in resources, is there a way to edit line thickness in a similar way to removing classes: remove unwanted thicknesses and make them conform to whatever new standards I want. I know I can do it by custom selection tool but its time consuming and not as instant as removing classes.
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