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  1. Hi Barry, If I'm not mistaken this capability is available to you under the 'Insertion Options' tab of the 'Edit Wall Style' dialog box. The below screenshot shows my cursor pointing towards the checkmark that allows you to override the calculated R-Value with whatever you like.
  2. Thanks for posting this Jim! @acepernich - I'm pretty sure these videos are the same ones from the presentation at the Design Summit that Biplab talked-over, thus no sound.
  3. I should retract my comments above regarding nested symbols. I've further determined that that, in general, the issues lie within the sheet layer viewports that contain design layer viewports with multiple layer visibilities. If the sheet layer viewports contain referenced layers only, the snaps work just fine within the sheet layer viewport. If the sheet layer viewports contain design layer viewports with multiple layer visibilities, the snaps no longer work within the sheet layer viewport. If the sheet layer viewport contains referenced layers as well as design layer references with multiple layer visibilities, the snaps only work in relation to the referenced layer and not the referenced design layer viewport. I haven't rolled-back my VW service pack yet, but I could have sworn that this was not an issue prior to SP5.
  4. Yes, I'm seeing the same problem on my end too on some files. So far it seems to be problematic with files that contain referenced layers that include nested symbols.
  5. That scene is just begging for a Porsche in front of that building.
  6. ....and we'll call it 'Shapeshifter'.
  7. The 'Black & White' option within the Adobe PDF settings actually does retain shading/fills. Just make sure you do not have your VW Document Display settings set to Black and White only.
  8. Vectorworks does not show up in my list of programs to remove. Is there an uninstall utility available or does anyone have instructions on how to do a clean manual uninstal?
  9. I wish this BB had an emoticon for flogging a dead horse... Fist the technical issues?. Peninsula. A base cabinet peninsula should accommodate a kick on both sides of the cabinet. When 'show kick' is selected, it cuts a kick on both side but only shows the kick material on one side. Additionally, the peninsula option creates an end condition for the countertop but not the kick. Handles. Although a door handle height configuration is available and a door handle offset is not, the handles offset anyway in a rather peculiar manner. See image below... Wall cabinets. Although not shown in the image, the wall cabinet AFF configuration is not accurate. I have 4 separate wall cabinets with the same 42" AFF setting yet all 4 wall cabinets sit at different heights. Now the rant?.. In the NNA 'What's new in 12' PDF there's talk of new features with the Base Cabinet PIO that allow you utilize new door styles and map textures however; the basic elements of the PIO still don't work. It's becoming increasingly frustrating when NNA take many small steps backwards with the new releases. For example: - The stair tool configuration in 12.0 used to highlight the current stair flight being configured in red and now it?s gone. - Display refresh issues when zooming. - Stacked Layers working intermittently. - Stacked layer impacting cut and paste command. These are just a few of the bread and butter commands that worked well enough in 12.0 but are buggy to say the least in 12.5. When used multiple times in a day, the flaws in these commands add up to some pretty large delays in the work flow. I?d rather NNA focus on developing the basic tools so that they work consistently rather than introducing new tools and letting the basics slip through the cracks.
  10. You bet. This one drives me nuts.
  11. Bit of an update on these matters over here.
  12. Arch.Ken - Which video card are you using? I've found the nVidia auto-install driver update to be tricky. There's a couple of hidden files that you need to manually install in order for it to work correctly. Once done, this fixed my OpenGL jaggedness issues. Additionally, make sure you have Anti-Aliasing turned on in your Open GL options. HOWEVER..... The driver update didn't fix evertything. The manual zoom feature in 12.5 is horrific, not only do objects vanish when zooming in and out with CTRL+1 and CTRL+2, the selection handles on objects that are viewable are nowhere to be seen. Mouse scroll zoom worked fine after updating the video drivers, however old-school mouse users and those with arthritic mouse scroll fingers are no doubt pulling out their hair.
  13. I too have been experiencing similar problems. I posted this on the ListServe on Sept. 21.... Since upgrading to 12.5 I?ve been experiencing the following video display issues: - When zooming in and then zooming out, everything outside the viewable area disappears. (Manual regen fixes this issue) - When zooming in and out Vector Caching seems to freeze leaving me with a low-res and un-editable drawing file. This happens whether Vector Caching is on and off. (Manual regen fixes this issue) - When zooming in and out, the selection handles of a selected object disappear. (Manual regen fixes this issue) My current configuration: - VWA 12.5 with Renderworks - WinXP Pro with SP2 - Intel Pentium D 3.2ghz - 2GB Ram - nVidia GeForce 7800 GTX 256mb using Digital output. (1680x1050) None of this happened in 12.0.1. and installing the latest graphics drivers did not solve the problem. I?m getting tired of manually regen-ing, so any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  14. It was and still is hit-and-miss. Very inconsistent as to when it decides to stay on or disappear. It showed promise?.
  15. Indeed, its no longer there. It'd be nice to have it back.
  16. I'd love to know what prompted the change in arrow type. The previous stair tool had been functioning quite well with the square-cornered arrow line for years. Why the sudden change to a rounded corner? Better yet, why not provide the option to have rounded or square?
  17. Am I missing something in 12 or can you no longer control the spacing between flights in a U configuration? Additionaly, how do I ditch the rounded corners on the stair up arrows lines; they're horrific.
  18. It's an extra step or two but go with VW -> DWG -> Illustrator -> InDesign. Works for me.
  19. While we're on the topic of Base Cabinet PIO bugs, will the kick paramaters on the end conditions of peninsulas and islands be dealt with too? On island conditions, although it creates a kick depth, it does not create a kick face. On peninsula conditions, although it creates a kick face, it does not create a kick depth.
  20. Another query. Why does the counter top adjust itself and wrap around a peninula ending, yet the kick does not recess? It ends flush with the cabinet box. Similarly, the same kick condition happens on an island condition.
  21. Am I missing something? Shouldn't there be Door/Drawer Handle offset controls? For instance, I don't see the option to offset the handle from the Door/Drawer edges by X amount. [ 04-03-2006, 01:49 AM: Message edited by: Runtime Error ]
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