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  1. Sorry this is probably not the right place to post this, but I was not sure where else I should place it. I looked in the user groups section of the vectorworks community web site but I could not find any user groups in England. Does anyone know if there are any groups in england and if so how can I contact them. Thanks heaps Denny
  2. I dont think it is related to a particular file. We have 4 pc's running 12.5 here and all working on various files both new and old. All with same problem.
  3. Yes latest driver downloaded from Nvidia.com on Monday. version 91.47. Still no fix
  4. Good point Hugo. I too would like to find this out. I am currently running an Nvidia 6600 with 256 ram and looking at data I found on tomshardware.com, relating to frames per second, My 6600 is slightly slower than your x1600, but not much. Both cards are definitely closer to the bottom than the top, but how high do you need to go. Sure bigger is better but the higher you get the more disproportional the price/performance ratio gets. I also would not like to spend to little and be disappointed. I have also had suggestions that a card with greater ram may be better, though from what I have read this my not be as important as other speed related features of the card. Any outside knowledge would be great Denny
  5. Hmmm no. I thought you had it for a minute but couldnt find the Quartz image option. With further investigation I found that Quartz imaging is mac only. I am on PC. Any other ideas? Denny
  6. Hi there, I have recently updated from vw11.5 to vw12.5 and have been working through the changes and fixing any little issues that I can. I however am just trying to fix a little issue when zooming with the mouse scroll wheel. When you zoom in the image becomes very blocky and will pause, briefly before the image corrects itself. I have done a search and found a few threads which mention this problem but I have not been able to find one that resolves the issue. Does anyone know if there is a solution for this problem. Any help would be much appreciated Denny
  7. Hi all We have just bought vw12.5 and upgraded from vw11.5 and as we expected we have had a few wee issues which I am slowly working through. I have come across one which has me stumped. I am not sure if it is a vectorworks problem or a windows problem. When doing a large text note when ever the tab key is used a box apears and can not be removed. anyone have any ideas on how tho fix this problem. Thanks Denny
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