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  1. Script seemed to work on the file that was giving me issues. I'm assuming it would need to be run on each file that has problems?
  2. Will try the utility on one of the problematic files.
  3. Seems ok with a new file. It is somewhat random. Some files the Publish works fine, others it crashes.
  4. Also having a similar issue since upgrading to 2015. Happens with files on local drive or on network. Only happens when using the "Print" option through the "Publish" command. We typically "Print" to the Adobe PDF print driver. When we "Publish" and use the PDF setting it works fine. When we print individual sheets through the standard print option it works fine. Seems to have gotten progressively worse which is odd???
  5. Yes, i got that. What we are looking for is a way to just see the legend when in annotation space. So if a legend is not in the section or view of drawing you are looking at, you have to constantly zoom in and out to refer to the legend. This could easily be done if we were allowed to have two view windows of the same drawing.
  6. Having recently switched from 2011, the use of the stories & layers actually seems to work better for me at least. Now there is a clear definition and organization. But the automated integration is the issue. So when you adjust the "Story" elevation in the organization tools, even though i understand the story does not have a height, it will adjust the bottom "Z" of any layers associated with that story. So one would think that there would be an option to stretch the walls that are to the underside of the story? Maybe just looking for too much automation? Really just wanted to make sure i wasn't missing anything or doing something incorrectly.
  7. Just started using VW2013 and had a question in regards to the Story vs Layer Height. The stories under the Organization Tool seems to work, but the only issue is that you adjust the height of a story after you have a bunch of stuff in the model, the layer Wall height does not adjust?? So we originally had a 10'-0" story and layer wall height set, but had to adjust the Floor to Floor due to a structural change. Changed the Story Heights in the Organization Tool, which adjust most things, but then noticed that there was a gap showing up with all the walls. Have to go into each layer and adjust the layer wall height. Should this adjust automatically if you change the story height? Or am i missing something?
  8. Is there anyway to open a window showing the Keynote legend while you are in annotation space? Basically, we are working on a drawing sheet that has keynotes already placed and are moving them. But to find out which keynote is which, have to scroll down in the view to look at the legend each time. Is there someway to view the legend independent of the actual sheet?
  9. Just an FYI, ran a bunch of test files. seems to work perfectly. so for anyone who is interested here is the link to the post from Pat http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=126725#Post126725 Thanks again Joe
  10. Thanks, i didn't even really know that portion of the Forum existed. I took the code from Pat's post and ran it from a text file. Seemed to work perfectly for me. Cleared out all the issue data and was able to start over with a clean issue notes section. Going to run a couple more test files to make sure it works ok, but from the first try it seems to be exactly what i was looking for! Thanks Joe & Pat
  11. There should be a way to clear out all Issue data from the Issue Manager. We have template projects that get used multiple times and the issue manager is always holding on to old Issue Dates and Notes. No matter what we do, the old issue information seems to come up. There should be an option in the Issue Manager interface that would allow the user to clear out all old issue data.
  12. Sorry, forgot to add this to my watched topics... Made the script from the code Joe-SA provided. Unfortunately, when I ran the Script, the old "Issue Manager" items reappeared even after i had deleted them multiple times. It seems that VW is holding that information somewhere in the file and keeps bringing it back. I now have 3 "A" issues, then "B" through "F". I've tried purging the document, Deleting the old issues notes from each sheet. Short of creating a new project and coping everything into the new file... Shouldn't there be something in the Issue Manager that allows you to clear out the old data?
  13. We often do projects that we make a copy of any other VW File and modify it for the new project. Basically, we use the issue manager and seems to work well, but the "Issue Data" is problematic. For the new project, we need to remove all of the old Issue Data information. To do this, we go through the "Edit Issue Data" in the object info dialog. Once we delete the old Issue Data, we go into the Issue Manager and add the new Issue Date, Letter, & Description. But once the Issue Manager closes, usually one of the old set of data remains. We then have to go back into the "Edit Issue Data" through the Object Info dialog and delete the old issue data again. Is there anyway to clear out the old issue data through the Issue Manager or some other function so we dont have to keep going through every sheet twice to delete the old issue data?
  14. This just happened to me (Using 2011 SP4). Left looking at a blank screen with a "Done" Button that did nothing. Was in a design layer not in a view port or sheet layer. It even said that the Design Layer i was in was "Mystery Object+" The only way out was Undo. Could not replicate it again and not sure why it happened??
  15. I have made up a quick file showing the issue I was talking about in the original post. There seems to be an inconsistency in terms of viewing "Inserted" Objects when Graying out classes. When an wall is grayed out, the inserted object becomes grayed out even though it is on a different class.
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