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  1. Andrew Pollock

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    I have been running 2019sp3.1 on Mojave for a few weeks. Lately Im getting a lot of beach balls when I'm in the annotation layers on files that have used a lot of transparent objects. This did not happen on the same files before I updated. Has anybody else noticed an issue?
  2. Andrew Pollock

    Until Next Time

    So sorry to see you go. I've been following your posts every day and they have really helped my VW experience. Best of luck to you and your family.
  3. Andrew Pollock

    Image Prop blocks sunlight

    Make the image bigger and put it further away
  4. Lumion looks like a great fast rendering program and the live sync plugin seems to integrate it well into VW, unfortunatly it is a PC only program. Is a live sync plug-in in the works for twinmotion? Is there any kind of time line for that?
  5. Andrew Pollock

    macOS Mojave (10.14) Compatibility

    I find the SP3 noticeably smoother and quicker. Thank you for the great work. I might make the jump to Mojave this week.
  6. I heard a rumor from a reliable source that Twinmotion is working on a VW plug in
  7. Andrew Pollock

    Mojave when?

    Apple just released a 10.14.2. Maybe we'r ready now.....
  8. Andrew Pollock

    Placing a high definition image onto a site model

    I'm interested in combining a site model with point clouding order to draw the trees on the site Has anybody tried this?
  9. Andrew Pollock

    Vectorworks Design Summit - 2018

    Sadly I could not make the summit this year. I really wanted to. Will there be any rebroadcasts of key notes or other means to join the fun after the fact?
  10. Andrew Pollock

    VWX 2019 SP1.1

    Any clues when SP2 is projected? I guess we’d all like to upgrade to Mohave soon. Waiting until it’s safe.
  11. Andrew Pollock

    rotating textures when they are assigned by class

    I guess thats the work around. Maybe scale and rotate control on class assigned textures can be on the wish list. Thx
  12. When I apply a texture to an object, I have the ability to scale and rotate the texture on that object. When the texture is assigned by class is there a way to rotate or scale the texture? This is a problem when cabinet objects have doors with assigned texture grain running in different directions or if you want to control floor direction or scale.
  13. Andrew Pollock

    Teaser Tuesday - Image Effects - Vectorworks 2019

    This is a huge time saving feature for me! I'm back and forth to photoshop all the time. I find I'm alway lightening bitmaps in my projects. Thank you!!!!
  14. Andrew Pollock

    iMac Pro information

    I will add my two cents about my iMac Pro (8 core, Radeon Pro Vega 64) experience. I mostly do 3d design work and walk throughs in open GL. The video card makes open GL work much smoother and now that its not crashing anymore (hopefully) I'm very happy with the machine. Simple 2d work is only bit faster then my old 2012 27" iMac, but when my 2D work has many bitmaps there is a great improvement in speed. Since I keep multiple programs open, some running in the background while I work on VW, I believe the extra cores are helpful. If I'm creating an animation, I can jump to Mall or Word and I'm not aware at all the a rendering process is going on in the background. This was not the case in my old machine. If one wanted to optimize the VW experience on an iMac Pro, the 10 core machine has the highest single core speed. If you are doing a lot of long Renderworks rendreings or cinema 4d work, Mac my not be your best bet.
  15. Andrew Pollock

    iMac Pro information

    I just upgraded to 10.13.5 and I can no longer make VW2018 crash on my iMac Pro when using walkthrough or flyover in open GL. Until the upgrade, it was crashing often. very happy, now back to work.


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