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  1. All of a sudden my worksheet images are being cropped. Settings for Image are custom scale 1:48, Top/Plan Anyone know how to fix this?
  2. Hello! I am looking to have whatever I change in data visualization to reflect in a worksheet on the same sheet layer. Image below: Truss is all colored via Data visualization, I would like to have a way to have it be reflected in the worksheet on that sheet layer as well. Anyone know of a way to achieve this? Thank you!!
  3. So you can make a custom dimension standard that uses your dual dimension to help accomplish this.
  4. Looking to see if you could have dimensions in a viewport use different units that the document setting. Example: Document is feet+inches Items I am annotating in my viewport are typically in inches notation. Thanks!
  5. ^This fix works Side note: Is there a way to define whether the direct entry field is a short text or paragraph? Would love to make some of the entry fields smaller in size
  6. Looking for a 2d/3d hybrid VER Revolution lade symbol. Anyone have one?
  7. The hidden Project Data and Sheet Data Record formats. I have lorded and reset plug-ins but nothing allows me to overwrite those in this file.
  8. I have series of drawings with an out of date 2018 Titleblock and I have an updated Titleblock I want to use however the fields have changed and once I import the new TB, the New record format for it does not move with it.
  9. So for the moment you would just have to rebuild the style to organize the fields? And I wish they bring back the ability to tab-through....
  10. Is there a way to reorganize the field in a title block?
  11. Hello- How do I prevent data visualization from affecting my label legends? I do not want to change the color of the container or the text in it.
  12. 1) The Ability for chain hoists to snap to trim height according to the lighting position they are fixed too - same thing as if it were a light - move the lighting position, everything comes with it. 2) Hoist Legend to be same scale Instrument Summary when placing on Sheet Layers and to provide a count of the hoists.
  13. Here are some GT Truss Symbols from Tyler: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pacz0weybnww5ej/GT%20Vectorworks%20v2016.vwx?dl=0
  14. Here is library of GT Truss from Tyler: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pacz0weybnww5ej/GT%20Vectorworks%20v2016.vwx?dl=0
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