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  1. Thanks Jim. I'm having another crack at this project and I was wondering if you (or anyone) knows if Cinema 4D will enable me to get displacement textures into an STL model to enable them to be 3d printed?
  2. Long time reader, first time poster... I am currently doing a proof of concept for a client, with the end goal to create a replica of an antique ceremonial mace. The mace can't be touched, so I am modelling it (as best I can) from photos, etc. The mace is quite detailed with inscriptions, engravings, etc. I am hoping to recreate these using bump textures and/or displacment mapping of textures I am creating from photos. Detail doesn't have to be precise but it needs to look like the real thing from a distance. Can I get these textures printed in the 3d printing process? Every time I export to an .stl file, the surfaces are 'clean' with no textures... I have never 3d printed before so not even sure if this is possible! Cheers
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