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  1. Having hidden line render issues in viewports as well. VWX '22 and the only thing that works is to remove everything from a symbol or auto-hybrid for the viewport. A big pain as it defeats the symbolized workflow of auto-updating element instances. Would love to find a real solution to this.
  2. It'd be great if you could set option+U, option+I, option+O, option+P to toggle backwards among the Mode Groups of a tool just as U, I, O, and P toggle forwards for the tools. All we need is the ability in the "Keys" section of the workspace editor! It would reduce keystrokes in many different workflows.
  3. New in 2020! Tools->Batch Rename You can find and replace among many other functions!
  4. When editing multiple subclasses that share a common containing class, it would be great for that class hierarchy to show and be editable in the Edit Classes window to re-class more quickly.
  5. We're sharing a couple files between a mac and a pc on Dropbox using SMB. In two separate files, a handful of symbols and auto hybrids have disappeared from the layer. The resources still exist in the resource browser, though. Opening new working files doesn't solve the problem. It has happened once for the mac and once for the PC.
  6. When a symbol instance is checked out, the contents of the symbol shouldn't be editable to reduce conflicts in the project sharing workflow.
  7. Oh, interesting. Then, that furthers my point that a symbol should be able to be checked out, despite being a resource. We use 2D/3D hybrid symbols to create adequate 2D plans of all of our drafting, but the fact that any symbols on our plans can be easily conflicted is a detriment to the vwx project sharing workflow. I'd still emphasize the feature on the wishlist to make project sharing more efficient. What's the point of checking anything out when our entire groundplan is full of 2D/3D hybrid objects? Thanks for the correspondence!
  8. Thank @Tolu , is there a reason that resources cannot be checked out and/or whether a symbol is not considered as an exception? As we use 2D/3D hybrid symbols extensively in our studio, we find that there are often conflicts between users working from different locations and remotely. I find the check-out feature to be extremely beneficial to the workflow of project sharing by reducing conflicts, but, this seems to be ineffective if you have to discard a certain amount of work done within a resource. Right now, we avoid this by clicking into the 2D component, select all, check out. Then returning and clicking into the 3D component, select all, and checking out. It's not a streamlined process. Basically, I'm curious how the hierarchy of checking out is based in concept. If there is something that can be conflicted-- a symbol-- that has contents that can be checked out and edited, why not make the entire object able to be checked out to reduce the opportunity for error and streamline the workflow of the program? Rather than requiring users to have a transparent process alongside the program's workflow.
  9. It would be great to be able to redefine a high level object location so you can edit in place. For example, when editing an extrusion in it's original location, the view won't jump and you can use snapping efficiently. Adversely, if you have moved/rotated/flipped that extrusion, the view jumps to the original location and snapping isn't always functional. I imagine this has something to do with the "unrotate 3D objects" function. There should be an option in that same menu where you can unlink the location or redefine.
  10. In project sharing, you should have to check out entire symbols to reduce editing conflicts between users.
  11. A simple box text option would be great! With rectangle, round rectangle, and circle.
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