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  1. I really have nothing against SketchUp and have even worked as a certified SketchUp trainer for several years. But Vectorworks really offers so much more functionality that I would never switch back.
  2. Hi Stu Do you search the command in the attached screenshot? Best regards, Marc
  3. User since Minicad. Ever looked forwards... It's a wonderful world. You can't go backwards. You're always moving forward. It's the wonderful part about life. And that's terrific. Harvey Fierstein
  4. I would find it useful if there were some improvements in the animation functions that would make the tool more valuable. Let's see what the future brings. I'm also looking forward to Enscape coming out for macOS...the connection to Twinmotion works very well for me already.
  5. Hi line-weight Thanks for hint. Yes, it is indeed difficult to control when the camera gets a different angle. I have just reported it to the development team. I'm familiar with Cinema 4D's animation features, and I think they're deliberately and sensibly more feature-rich. But I'm still happy with this simple and fast feature of Vectoworks. And I think it's not realistic, that every user will learn another Tool just for a simple Animation of his next project. But clearly, if you make money with animations, you should acquire additional software. This was my very first attempt without having tried the animation tool before. I also have no technical background on what the "rules" are for calculating the transitions. I am satisfied with the ratio of the time spent and the result. Together with the students, I was able to gain a little more experience. No, I don't have time for that, I'm in the forum all the time 😉 While the students worked on their own animations, I was able to try out various things and also reported one or two errors to the development team. Best regards, Marc
  6. Hi line-weight I know the tool very well, because I'm teaching the students how to create Animations in Vectorworks. Marc Here is a 20min. Animation Tutorial for students (in German): https://vimeo.com/showcase/9399723/video/687131119 and here the result, after Garage Band & Premiere Pro:
  7. It's strange that it doesn't occur more often with me (and my customers), especially since often the edges are turned on in the shaded model. But I have many customers who work without edges in the shaded model and therefore do not see the error. I could imagine that it is a bug of the new tessellation. As far as I know, this was introduced in 2022. I know that Vectorworks is trying to fix the bug as soon as possible...hope that it will be possible for SP3. Unfortunately I don't think, that it's possible for SP2.
  8. Hi line-weight With the layer scale 1:1 it's better visible. I don't know if this bug can be fixed in a service pack. If the risk is too great that other areas will be negatively affected, Vectorworks tends to be reluctant. This is never what one would personally like or hope, but of course correct for quality reasons. Best regards, Marc
  9. On my MacBook (M1 Max) , the error is no longer present in 2022 SP5. edit: Now I've also seen it briefly, but only at the back row and not always.....really strange....I'll see if I can figure something out
  10. Have you ever measured how much time is lost when you have to find out from the name of the last opened files which file you want to open again? this function alone saves me a lot of time. I have received the same feedback from customers. The home screen is really appreciated and used! What improvements in the 2023 version would you have left out?
  11. is also good, but I do not how long the list will be ;-) In the last years my reports were always read carefully by the developers. In case of ambiguities they asked and always communicated clearly if I misunderstood something.
  12. Hi jeff prince Sorry, but this statement is simply not correct. I have been regularly reporting limitations to the manufacturer since April 2, 2011. Here is a small analysis: 5% of the limitations/bugs I reported were classified by me as critical 34& as high 37% as medium 24% as low 90% of all critical bugs I reported in the last 11 years were fixed and explicitly tested by Vectorworks Inc. I have not yet checked the remaining 10% with VW 2023, so some bugs will inevitably be fixed in 2023. Even for the "low" priority faults, the rate is still 60% over the last 11 years! Let's take a look at the development over the last 3-4 years: - Completely new VGM installed (Vectorworks graphics module). - Complete reingeering of the walls - Completely new calculation and updating routine for sections. - Project Sharing Server -.... I really don't understand how you can make such a negative statement, but I guess your personal experience with limitations is the reason. I would be grateful if you could send me your list of critical bugs as a personal message. I will be glad to look at them.... Best regards, Marc
  13. Hi line-weight Can you be more specific about the issues you mentioned? I work in quality management at Vectorworks Switzerland and have never had to advise a customer against Vectorworks 2022. Vectorworks 2023 has only been released for about 2 weeks. But I already have some customers who work with it productively in their daily business. Best regards, Marc
  14. Hi DBrown Are you from New Zealand yourself and have you done a study on this? The sales figures (that I have personally seen) were excellent last year worldwide (incl. New Zealand). Currently there is no - but really NO reason to switch from Vectorworks to Archicad. The last 3-4 updates of Archicad were really not good (no fundamental innovations and tend to focus on closedBIM) and macOS customers have been waiting for an M1 version for over 1 year! There's little use in having a statue of Steve Jobs.... Do you really want to rely on a software that takes so long to adapt to a new technology? Graphisoft also recommends waiting 6 months with updating after a release of new macOS operating systems...such an attitude is absolutely outdated in my view. Please don't forget that Archicad is still far away from multi-window technology, has no NURBS or subdivision modeling possibilities and also the technology for window and door openings in walls is outdated (no wall layering in the lintel area of the window!). Marc
  15. I am a VDC lecturer at two Swiss universities and head of BIM Consulting ComputerWorks Switzerland (ComputerWorks is the Swiss Vectorworks distributor). ComputerWorks' BIM Consulting team is a leader in the application of digital technologies. We play a central role in the digital delivery of projects in the Swiss construction scene, currently my team manages over 20 large BIM projects implemented with Vectorworks. We know what we can do and we know that we can successfully implement any BIM project with Vectorworks. Anyone who chooses Vectorworks today has the most modern technologies and, in my view, the only all-in-one BIM solution.
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