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  1. MaWi

    Updating Spaces in a BIM Model

    Hi David Here you will find a way to create spaces: Best regards, Marc
  2. MaWi

    Input Node OIP in Wrapper

    Hi Marissa Thanks for your feedback. Attached a file. Is it possible to use a Input Node like "Wall Style" (01 Name Wandstil) directly in the Wrapper ? While I was teaching Marionette this question was brought to me. As you can see, I used a Pass Node in the sample. This works technically fine. Best regards, Marc Sample_Marionette_Forum.vwx
  3. MaWi

    Input Node OIP in Wrapper

    Hi Marionette Fans Is it possible to create a Input Node for the OIP which can stored in a Wrapper? At the moment I use a "pass" in the Wrapper. Because I use the same Wrapper more than once in the same Marionette Object it would be helpful if I can store the Input Node in the Wrapper. Best regards, Marc
  4. MaWi

    Scale Objects Script

    Hi Raymon Thanks for your heldp! Mister Marionette DomC helped me. We change the script to Phyten :-) Best regards, Marc x=y=0.5 h=vs.FSActLayer() counter = 0; while h!=None: #the same like vs.Handle(0) p1,p2=vs.HCenter(h) vs.HScale2D(h, p1, p2, x, y, True) h=vs.NextSObj(h) counter +=1 if counter > 100000: break vs.ReDrawAll()
  5. MaWi

    Scale Objects Script

    Hi All I tried the following script, but I make something wrong. Does anybody see what I do wrong? Thanks, Marc Procedure Individual_Scale; VAR x,y: REAL; h: HANDLE; i,j: INTEGER; MyH: DYNARRAY [] OF HANDLE; BEGIN x:=RealDialog ( 'Skalierungsfaktor','0.5'); y:=x; h:=ActLayer; j:=NumSObj(h); ALLOCATE MyH[1..j]; h:=FSActLayer; FOR i:=1 TO j DO BEGIN MyH:=h; h:=NextSObj(h); END; END; DselectAll; FOR i:=1 TO j DO BEGIN SetSelect(MyH); Scale(x,y); SetDSelect(MyH); END; FOR i:=1 TO j DO BEGIN SetSelect(MyH); END; END; RUN (Individual_Scale);


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