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    @Marissa Farrell I think in this file are some very interesting nodes. Do you plan to deliver these nodes (or some of them) as default content in Vectorworks 2022? I've attached a node to read the story of a object...would be nice to have this node in 2022, too. Best regards, Marc VE_Marionette Node.vwx
  1. Lets' talk about limitation of tools line windows. I'm sure that you will find very fast a situation where the window from AC doesn't have one option which you need for your project. The windows-tool has (my guess) thousand of options but you don't have this one option....and this one single option stops the whole automatically processes! To get your desired windows you have to create your on window. With Vectorworks you can create....sorry everybody can create a hybrid symbol with a perfect 2D view and perfect section view. In Archicad you must first draw the wall opening with the slab element, define this slab element as a wallhole and then save it as a window in the library.🤔 A "perfect" system, when you would like to have different wall connections inside a floor drawing with the same material....or in other words: it's not really funny to duplicate always materials to get the desired result! Nobody expects from you to love a function. 🙂 But compared to AC we are extremely much more powerful in the part of stories ... and I really like the possibility of automatically creating wall shells at the same height as they are built. Let's have a look to the rectangle mode of the two tools: VW: 100% intelligent AC: nearly 0% Intelligenz (they draw always 4 wall, it doesn't matter if there are already walls. Vectorworks is not superior to AC in all respects, that is clear to me, there are certainly functions that are really well and better solved in AC. But we should and also be aware that with Vectorworks we have the best solution for architects! No other CAD / BIM software gives me so much freedom to implement my ideas and designs and can be used in every phase of planning. As mentioned in a previous post, I still have a lot of wishes and ideas for improvement Vecorworks, BUT I am proud every day to work with Vectorworks. OK, almost every day 🙂
  2. Graphisoft's promotional video about stairs looks great, but it's very interesting that even ArchCAD professionals still create spiral stairs with GDL. 🙄 Vectorworks Inc. presents a foretaste of the next few years at the Design Summit. Often individual tools are not mentioned there, which is correct in my opinion. But I can assure you that Vectorworks Inc. has a multi-year development plan and that the different industries are looked at individually. The wishes for architecture are thus separated from lanscape or spotlight. Of course, Vectorworks Inc. also has limited resources and therefore requests are always prioritized. I am very satisfied with the development of the last 4-5 years, but I don't run out of wishes either :-). Compared to other CAD / BIM software providers (e.g. Graphisoft), Vectorworks implements many more requests that come from customers. Take a look at the outdated technology of AC's stories and wall systems.
  3. I think you didn't understand or didn't watch the movie about the new search and the smart options. This features are reduce the time eminently to create a BIM-Modell! And let's talk about the speed. I have testfiles from huge 3D-BIM-Models where I can switch from sheet layersto design layers in 1sec.. The same step needs in VW 2020 over 10seconds! The grass on the other side is always greener...but Vectorworks has just planted a sequoia tree with VW 2021!
  4. Wow, very nice implemented! Much better than the archicad pet pallete! Nice to hear that even more will be possible in the future ... and that a good foundation has been created.
  5. I'm looking forward to showing these features to my students. They will have a lot of fun with the 3D in Vectorworks 2021! Best regards, Marc
  6. Hi DMcD It is logical to me that the problems you have described have absolutely nothing to do with the compatibility of Vectorworks with Catalina. Does the termination happen every time when you manually select the "Save" command? And the automatic backup every "x" minutes works fine? Could it be that you have a "special" location to store the files? (e.g. directly on a cloud solution, etc.) Does the termination also happen when a new, empty document is saved on the desktop? It is important to search a pattern of the problem and to work in a process of elimination: If Step 1 works fine and Step 2 let crash the application, then let try to split Step 2 in several smaller steps. Best regards, Marc
  7. Hi With Vectorworks 2020 SP2 and Mac OS Catalina my system is very very stable: MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2018) with 32 GB 2400 MHz DDR4 and Radeon Pro Vega 20 Best regards, Marc
  8. Hi BenG One of my friends is Inventor and designer and he loves Vectorworks. For him Vectorworks has the perfect mix from 3d functionality and simplicity. Incidentally, Nemetschek has never said that Vectorworks is only developed further for architecture or landscape. And f.ex. it is precisely in Spotlight that Vectorworks is the world leader. Back to your shoe horn: For the back part you need from my point of view less than one minute: - 2 extrudes with different radius - 1 hemisphere - 1 Shell Solid - 1 Chamfer Edge For the front part you have two different objects: - One object as counterpart to the back part (modeling like the back part) - The horn For the horn you can use the CSG Modeling System, NURBS or Subdivision. If you don't have experience with NURBS and Subdivisions your should first watch a webinar or some Youtube-Videos. In my simplified-test I used CSG with a Extrude along Path. Best regards, Marc
  9. Sorry, but your statements are wrong! Performance Vectorworks 2019 is so much faster than any previous version. And I've done my own speed tests with different projects. Software Company You want a bigger software house than Vectorworks, which works for architects and criticizes at the same time the costs for a professional software? Good luck with the search ... Allplan and Archicad will be gone very quickly ... much more expensive and in some areas of the software missing several years of development time! And Revit is too rigid .... you can, for example, still do not create rooms that are not limited by walls everywhere. Adaptation operating systems You seem to be addressing Mac OS Mojave. You know that Archicad has almost released the word-equal warning like Vectorworks ... so it seems like a major change. Why does nobody ask why Apple needs to change so many things? I love Apple products, but Mojave was really released too soon. Vectorworks is the best BIM solution today and tomorrow. For German-speaking users, I like to recommend my blog www.cad.ch
  10. To all united Vectorians On my german blog www.cad.ch all Vectorians find arguments why Vectorworks is the perfect BIM-Software. May the force be with you. Vectorians are depicted as similar in appearance to humans. The main physical differences are their cad-possibilites: they are more powerful in modelling and transform the world. Vectorians have been portrayed as various races. Most bim-like Vectorians typically appear with a black clothes and white "V" Other features described include a powerful inner graphical eyelid, or nictitating membrane, which protects their drawings from black background, an adaptation for their bright, well designed home world.
  11. Hi David Here you will find a way to create spaces: Best regards, Marc
  12. Hi Marissa Thanks for your feedback. Attached a file. Is it possible to use a Input Node like "Wall Style" (01 Name Wandstil) directly in the Wrapper ? While I was teaching Marionette this question was brought to me. As you can see, I used a Pass Node in the sample. This works technically fine. Best regards, Marc Sample_Marionette_Forum.vwx
  13. Hi Marionette Fans Is it possible to create a Input Node for the OIP which can stored in a Wrapper? At the moment I use a "pass" in the Wrapper. Because I use the same Wrapper more than once in the same Marionette Object it would be helpful if I can store the Input Node in the Wrapper. Best regards, Marc
  14. Hi Raymon Thanks for your heldp! Mister Marionette DomC helped me. We change the script to Phyten :-) Best regards, Marc x=y=0.5 h=vs.FSActLayer() counter = 0; while h!=None: #the same like vs.Handle(0) p1,p2=vs.HCenter(h) vs.HScale2D(h, p1, p2, x, y, True) h=vs.NextSObj(h) counter +=1 if counter > 100000: break vs.ReDrawAll()
  15. Hi All I tried the following script, but I make something wrong. Does anybody see what I do wrong? Thanks, Marc Procedure Individual_Scale; VAR x,y: REAL; h: HANDLE; i,j: INTEGER; MyH: DYNARRAY [] OF HANDLE; BEGIN x:=RealDialog ( 'Skalierungsfaktor','0.5'); y:=x; h:=ActLayer; j:=NumSObj(h); ALLOCATE MyH[1..j]; h:=FSActLayer; FOR i:=1 TO j DO BEGIN MyH:=h; h:=NextSObj(h); END; END; DselectAll; FOR i:=1 TO j DO BEGIN SetSelect(MyH); Scale(x,y); SetDSelect(MyH); END; FOR i:=1 TO j DO BEGIN SetSelect(MyH); END; END; RUN (Individual_Scale);
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