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  1. Thank you, Mike and David: I ended up doing as two separate roofs and combined them manually. As Mike said, it really surprised me when the command failed. I'll submit bug. Thanks again for both of your help. Aloha!
  2. Aloha, Each time when I run the AEC>Create Roof... command I am getting the following error from VW: "Could not create roof, house drawing is too complex to compute roof." See the attached file. Is this polygon "too complex" to create roof? When I tried the command on a simple rectangular polygon it works fine. Thank you!
  3. I believe you can send the file VW tech. support to have it converted to your desired version. I remembered reading one of moderator's comment a while ago.
  4. Aloha, I don't know if you can allocate memory... If you already quit all other programs, the next step is to restart your computer. This will generally will reset false memory allocations.
  5. Aloha, Ray: Thanks for the confirmation! Appreciate your help and thank you so much for being so generous with your time!
  6. Aloha, Ray: Here are the images?one from DL and another from SLVP. Perhaps, I am just being to fussy.
  7. Aloha, Ray: So it is just on my Mac...Bummer! I messed around with all the settings i.e. preferences that I know will have an impact on rendered output...don't know what else to do. Perhaps, reinstall VW...but I am not prepared to do it right now.
  8. Thanks Benson! I didn't know that.
  9. You should call the tech. support...
  10. Aloha, Dave: Thank you so much! That helps...Do you know if it is possible to get crisp output in the viewports as we see in the DL? Is this just my settings or universal end result for all VW users?
  11. Aloha, Ray: Please move it to the Renderworks forum. Thank you!
  12. You could hover your mouse over the object to determine the location of the hidden object, then use the marque to select the object?provided nothing else fall within the selection area. Or set the fill attribute of the front object to none.
  13. Aloha, Peter: Thanks... I tried a complete shutdown and restart?no change. I also did the "Permission Repair" and booted the computer on a single user mode (in UNIX) and ran the Disk Repair. No improvement either. There are some improvement when I change the background of my VW window to white instead black background?the white hides the jaggy edges...this is not really a solution I even reset my VW preferences but still no change. My rendering in the Design Layer is very sharp. I noticed the DPI of the Sheet Layer impacts the result of the viewport rendering. When I increase it to 1200 it improves?still not as good as you would have in DL. I wonder what is your SL DPI setting? Was there any significant difference in your rendering results when you compare your DL and SL results? Any other thoughts? Anyone?
  14. Hi Ray, I tried different object on a different file. Same problem! Look at the roof of the attached JPG image. Final Quality Renderworks...
  15. Hi Ray, Yes, I tried Final Q. Renderworks and did update the viewport. See the attaches jpeg file. It was a screen shot after updating the FQR.. Btw, it looks great in the Design Layer! Only in viewports.
  16. Aloha, what should I do to have the rendered objects show up smoothly in a viewport. I tried changing the dpi of the sheet layer to 1200 and various rendering option but the image still shows up jagged in my viewport. Attached is a sample file. Thank you so much!
  17. Kensington released new software for Slimblade trackball. Now you can customize the buttons! http://us.kensington.com/html/1385.html#trackballworks_mac
  18. Did another test after restarting the Mac and just VW running... Couple seconds of improvement on the last two settings. OpenGL: 0.3 Fast RenderWorks: 0.5 Fast RenderWorks w/Shadows: 0.5 Final Quality RenderWorks: 0.4 Custom RenderWorks: 0.4 Fast Radiosity: 0.9 Final Quality Radiosity: 9.3 Custom Radiosity: 9.3
  19. Aloha, Pat: 27" iMac i7 with 16GB RAM and second 30" cinema display connected to the imac. Rendered on the main iMac display. OpenGL: 0.3 Fast RenderWorks: 0.4 Fast RenderWorks w/Shadows: 0.5 Final Quality RenderWorks: 0.4 Custom RenderWorks: 0.4 Fast Radiosity: 0.9 Final Quality Radiosity: 9.5 Custom Radiosity: 9.5
  20. Aloha, Nick: Try the "Save As" option. Or save it on your hard drive then move the file to Dropbox folder. Probably good for you to create a signature with your VW version and computer system details etc. It is under the "My Stuff" popup menu on top of this page.
  21. Ozzie is correct. That's how I got it. "To install the Service Pack, go to the About Vectorworks 2010 dialog box in the Vectorworks menu (Mac users) or Help menu (Windows users) and click Check for Updates."
  22. Aloha, Michael: See here http://tinyurl.com/23cbtn4 not extensive but lists few things ?"This Service Pack has a number of critical fixes, especially in the areas of notes, callouts, constraints, and general stability."
  23. Aloha, Scott: I am very sure there are keys that we are accidentally pressing. I never figured it out. I faced the similar issue couple times and resetting the pref. resolved it. Perhaps, one of our wonderful Moderators can give us a hint...
  24. Check your settings in Menu>Vectorworks>Preferences>Interactive tab... Also you can check your setting in the Snapping Palette (Command+Shift+C) Double click on any one of the item in the palette, you can get to the settings. Nothing works might want to reset it.
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