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  1. In VW Preferences > Edit, I believe currently one has the option to either have a mouse wheel zoom or scroll. Maybe I have unusually shaky hands, or a too sensitive trackpad on my wireless mouse...but I find both to be distracting when trying to draft precisely etc. My preference would be to deactivate both, and use key commands to zoom, and the grabber hand to scroll/pan. I don't think that's currently possible.
  2. Purge Preview currently produces only a text list of items to be possibly purged. I find it difficult to remember/visualize/decide what those items are. So I think it'd be useful if there was an option to see what them (as thumbnails, popup images etc). Seems like a simple feature add (I always say that 😉
  3. A minor (and therefore easily implementable?) request: I normally work with Anti-aliasing (Preferences>Display) turned off (less fuzzy/more accurate) and turn it on for rendering/printing. I.e. I do this quite often. It'd be convenient to do this with a Quick Preference rather than go into the Preferences dialog.
  4. • Yes, annoying...but I think I figured it out. You are using the "Application Window" (AW)...which is a new(?) feature that allows you to have multiple files open simultaneously. • The problem is you cannot (as far as I can tell, and which seems odd) control the size of the AW upon launching the program (like you could before by setting the window size to your liking, then quitting the program). • The solution is go to the Window (menu) > Use Application Window and uncheck it. Then you will be back in the old fashioned mode you're used to. • Btw I know you're using the AW because I can see at top the tab "French Door Staircase." In AW you could have other files open and organize them with tabs. In non-AW mode you can only have one file open at a time. • If "Show Document Tabs" is checked, you can drag open files on and off that tab bar. "Undock Current Document" has the same effect as dragging files off the tab bar--which makes it a superfluous menu command in my opinion.
  5. Users have been screaming for this since about MiniCad 3 ;(
  6. This is the response I got from Michael Groves in N-VW tech support: "In this case, this is not a bug. You can only control whether or not the Heliodon is on or off through the Visualization Palette. The Heliodon is designed to have multiple instances with different settings in a file. This allows you quickly switch between settings on the design layer and to turn on and off other instances of the Heliodon per viewport. If you would like to submit a feature request, to allow the settings of a single Heliodon object to be edited through the Visualization Palette, please visit our Community Board. Here you can submit feature requests in the Wish List Request forum."
  7. 7. (This may be a bug, but) I wish oblique projections could be rendered in every mode, not just Hidden Line, Dashed Hidden Line and Polygon.
  8. 6. I wish section line instances could appear in elevations and sections, in addition to plans.
  9. 5. With callout leader lines, I wish there was an option to adjust the shoulder length from the second (?Adjusts leader length?) control point as well. This would allow changing the leader without moving the text position. I also wish there was an option to have leaders at both the beginning and end of text.
  10. 4. In the Notes Manager, I wish one could move notes between sections. Currently the only way to do this is by cut-and-paste. Ideally, this would be done by simply dragging them to/from Sections (which of course are essentially folders). The less intuitive alternative is a ?Move?? button in the ?Notes in Database? pane.
  11. 3. For image props, I wish the source images could be edited directly by the bitmap crop tool. Currently the source images have to be edited outside of VW. For example, in the rendering at left, there was a lot of trial-and-error importing to make the backdrop the right size. It would be so much easier to do it within VW and directly (similar to editing a camera linked to a viewport). Also, because (as far as I know) image props block shadows, limiting their height is crucial. Here I had to crop the source image as low as possible to the window head so not to block the Heliodon?s shadow. Again, the bitmap crop tool would help?or better yet, a setting that makes image props transparent (to light objects).
  12. 2. I wish window sills could be represented lighter as per typical graphic convention. In this example, both the door and window have the same fill. As per convention, the door?s threshold is shown lighter and therefore reads as a spatial opening. The window sill does not, and there is no setting to control its 2d fill attribute.
  13. I wish optionally one could view multiple sheet layers simultaneously. I spend a lot of time composing presentations and drawing sets by cutting-and-pasting viewports between (individual, of course) sheet layers. It would be such a timesaver if this were possible between essentially large (live) thumbnails. It would also have the benefit of seeing a presentation or set in a larger perspective and context. This example is my workaround: the top sheet is the actual sheet layer; the green outlines below mimic the format of other layers. Once I get everything composed right, I copy-and-paste the viewports to the actual sheets. Needless to say, it?d be great to avoid this last step.
  14. Currently you cannot edit a Heliodon light in a viewport (via the Visualization Palette), except turn it on or off (you can for other types of lights). The result/workaround is you have to set up multiple Heliodons on a design layer, which creates a lot of clutter. It would make sense if you could create overrides for Heliodons.
  15. From my experience resources are the biggest culprit in file size. For example, having a lot of textures bloats the size. It would be great to be able to reference all resources. Another example is I use the PanzerCAD program. It uses an imported image--this can be referenced in order to reduce the file size. But it also creates a Render Background from the same image. This can't be referenced, so it negates the efficiencies of the first move.
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