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  1. I have a similar issue sp2 on vw2019, VW will go into a spin when a SINGLE INSTANCE of a symbol is selected, or if I place a symbol. If I select 2 or more symbols there is no issue. Spinning beachball for 2-3 minutes then works it out, but it is extremely frustrating.
  2. Thanks! That will teach me to have something switched on that I don't understand. That avatar looks good....
  3. VW 2018 is very reluctant to pick up center/centre points. I have to zoom right in to pick up a top, bottom, left or right center and it's really slowing me up. Is anyone else having this issue? It's all set to pick these up in the snapping palette and preferences and didn't have problems in previous versions.
  4. Also having problems with the OIP since installing 2018. Particular issue with the data tab which refuses to display which records are attached to the selected object. When this happens I cannot move the bar between the formats and the input section. Undocking the OIP seems to allow the display to act normally, but I want to have it docked.
  5. Have this issue in a different scenario, 2D symbols from VW 2016 containing arcs when imported keep flipping over. Assume when the bug fix is done it will address this? In the meantime the 179.9° trick does seem to resolve it for my cricket outfields
  6. As an addendum it would be good if the docked palettes could stay at the width and proportion that I left them. Laura
  7. The resource browser works best widened out so would be helpful if it could be docked across the bottom of the other palettes that I have in two columns, as if they were 'merged' in a spreadsheet. At the moment I have it undocked as a workaround.
  8. We really need to have hardscape objects with component buildup that fit to undulating contours - something like a texture bed with 3D projection beneath. Even better if the 3D component acts as a site modifier allowing true cut and fill to be calculated. I've just been watching Design Software Solutions' webinar and I can see that hardscape works fine if you have a very simple and straightforwardly sloped area to deal with. Unfortunately that's rarely the case in real life, for instance usually if fitting to existing levels at the edge of a site or an existing building the slopes are going to be in many different directions and frequently undulating. Hardscapes such as tarmac and block paving do not have to slope to even gradients and frequently don't. I'm being asked by clients whether I can provide BIM information on landscape buildups for some of my projects now and am having to tell them that I can only give them existing and proposed site models.
  9. Just upgraded and all of my EPSF logos in title blocks have turned into grey boxes with strikethrough. Tried to re-import but get the same result. Any ideas?
  10. Thanks Tamsin, That was it. 87Mb IFC file now exported! Laura
  11. I'm trying to work out what it is that allows a site model to export to IFC. I have made a simple file that exported correctly, but when I copy and paste the the site model into a new VW file nothing will induce it to export. I've enclosed the files as zips - it is cone new that won't export anything useful. Any ideas where I'm going wrong? Just experimenting, I actually want to export a much much bigger site model.
  12. Thanks all, First I tried doing the loft surface for my base shape (the original one was a curve extracted from a cone with the top lopped off). No joy. Then I removed the base from my array objects (they were solid additions). That did the trick with a few adjustments. Also tried the double hex but found it more difficult to control. So in conclusion must use extrudes and not solid additions. Laura
  13. I'm trying to get a surface array to work on a 3D surface and instead of scaling and distorting the array objects as I think it is supposed to VW 2015 is overlapping them. The file is too big to add so I've included a pdf
  14. Can't understand why we don't have this already
  15. This bug is still there, very annoying I am going to have to realign viewports on 6 sheets and 10 sectional elevations. Any chance that VW can fix it, adding extra layers on my referenced base drawings is a pain and there's nothing in the help section to indicate that this would happen.
  16. OK, I've used this technique on a new set of drawings, but when I updated the reference (Architect's drawing) the viewports have a whole load of vital information missing e.g. windows and doors! On looking into it it the windows and doors are on new layers that the Architect has created but for some reason these new layers are not available in the viewport to switch on, despite updating the reference. Am I missing something or is this a bug? Laura
  17. Thanks Not that keen to have the content in my drawing, it is the Architect's drawing and I want to be able to easily reference in a new one when they update it. Do I take it that referenced layers can't be merged?
  18. Can referenced layers be merged in layer mapping? I have just tried and there was nothing on my new layer. Any ideas?
  19. Landscape walls are incredibly clunky at the moment. I'm trying to model an existing site and would like to use walls as kerbs (the road tool is useless for this). The survey of course has the top and bottom kerb level in the same place so not possible to model 'as is'. Is there not a way that a variant of landscape wall tool can be made that starts at the surface of the site model and has a certain elevation above it, with a choice of the top sloped or stepped, and in all other respects acts just like the existing retaining wall tool? Also would want it to be applied to the existing site model so that it wouldn't appear in a cut/fill exercise.
  20. When I use a texture bed on a site model the orientation of the texture when rendered seems completely random which looks terrible for some kinds of paving. Anyone know if there's a way of controlling the orientation, preferably by individual texture bed? Thanks
  21. Yes I did mean on a worksheet. I can see from your scenario that it could be useful in some circumstances but still think I should have the option to not have those items counted.
  22. We've encountered a problem in VW 2011 where if an object with data is in a viewport on a design layer any numbers in the data are doubled. This doesn't happen if the viewport is on a sheet layer. I can't think of a reason why I'd want the data to be doubled, but even if there are people out there who'd want that as a feature there really should be an option to include or not include the data in the object info palette.
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