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How to eliminate complications created by Component Edit

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How to eliminate complications created by Component Edit


We use 1000’s of existing Hybrid Symbols
Past VW Edit Hybrid Symbol  - while in the edit 2D component, newly created 3D geometry would remain visible. The intent is to add to, reposition, or modify 3D geometry based on the 2D geometry of the existing Hybrid Symbol


With Component Edit, added 3D (Extrude from a 2D shape for example …) while in the edit 2D component, disappear. The Show Other defaults to None in the Component Edit dialog.


Change the Show Other to 3D, reveals the 3D, though it appears this 3D is not selectable (?)


Change Edit to 3D, reveals the 3D, they are now selectable, yet the 2D disappears (?)


Select Edit Component Location shows the 2D & 3D Geometry in the Hybrid Symbol, though they cannot be selected, reshaped, moved (?) …is this correct ?


   This is not like the 2D/3D Hybrid Edit workflow in past VW


What would help:
¿ Eliminate an added step in the workflow, if the Component Edit /  Show Detail could be set to ALL by default ? ¿ Create a preference to allow this ?


The work around is to convert the 2D/3D Hybrid to a group, edit as needed them remake a 2D/3D Hybrid Symbol replacing the existing one. This requires a two step process to capture the 2D & 3D parts of the Hybrid


This is reminiscent of the myriad of problems created in our work flow when Layer Plane / Screen Plane first appeared. That was at least (somewhat) mitigated with a default Options settings.

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I agree that there were issues that were never resolved when Component editing was changed.


You've pointed out two of the primary annoyances. First, it's not ideal that objects disappear immediately when extruded as opposed to when you exit Symbol Edit mode. Second, there needs to the option of viewing the 2D while in 3D mode, just as there's an option to view the 3D while in 2D mode.



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Component edit now required additional work when compared to the original simplicity of 2D / 3D Hybrid symbols.  (I have gone back and tested in VW 2013 for example ...)


My Work around is to copy the 2D / 3D Symbol and move it to a new drawing. (This isolates the edit process) I convert it in to groups, edit as needed, remake the symbol and import / replace the modified 2D/3D Hybrid back into the original document.


Ugh !


Suggestions are always appreciated





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