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Reports 2022

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In particular the advanced criteria.  I just want Latin name common, name, quantity, price, extended price on my plants the report comes up blank.  It never did prior to the 2022 overhaul.   Preformatted come up populated but with a bunch of data I don't want or need then I need to export it and delete all the extraneous data. 


Feedback to the VW development team.  Please focus on stuff the community has been shouting out for.  Landscape walls is one.  I'd happily spend my time and money on learning new and improved design features but having to dedicate time and money to relearning how to make a report is a waste for my business.

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The criteria tells the worksheet what objects you want it to search for in the document. In your screenshots you are asking it to search for 2D Loci. You need to change this so it's searching for Plant objects instead and/or specify the relevant layer/class the Plants in question are on/in. Or set it to 'all objects' first then narrow it down later if necessary.


The 'Columns' pane is where you specify what info you want the database to report on. You have the Plant Record selected which is correct: you just need to choose the parameters you to report on in the left hand 'Possible columns' list then click the 'add' button to transfer them to the list on the right hand side which displays the columns that will be in your report.


In 2022 the only thing that's changed in all this is the advanced criteria dialog, which might not even be relevant in your case if you're reporting on all the plants in the file.


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