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Bug – Hidden line fails to render in VW2022

Kaare Baekgaard


When two or more viewports are present on a sheet,


And when background render is set to opengl/shaded


And when foreground render is set to hidden line


And when two or more viewports are updated simultaneously


Only one of the viewports renders correctly with the hidden lines. The rest show the background render, but not the hidden lines.


I can get the hidden lines back by rendering the viewports one by one.


When I use the publish function, I usually get all the hidden lines correct on all viewports, but I have seen it go wrong on one occasion here as well.


This is a bug.

Skærmbillede 2021-10-07 kl. 11.12.42.png

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I have 2022 with SP2, and hidden line is not working consistently.


It doe not have to do with the attribute settings. I have checked that, but that is not the problem. The objects are appearing solid using most other render modes, including Shaded, Dashed Hidden Line, Final Quality RW, even Artistic RW.... However, not Hidden Line or Polygons with Lines. While I am actively using the Flyover Tool the hidden line rendering looks correct, but when I am no longer 'Flying Over,' and it renders, some items are rendered correctly, while others are missing lines, so as to appear inside-out. It's definitely a glitch of some sort. 


(Fyi, I have been using vwx for almost 25 years)

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