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camera object wish list



This list is for the video camera object, not the renderworks camera.

-Can we be able to list the pertinent information (camera name, focal length, height, etc) in 2d plan?  Or is this a data tag job?  If it is, how on earth do I make one? 

-Can the 2d field of view be extended to the focus distance?

-Can all of the controls be not incremented by whole numbers? ie when setting up a shot, what if my perfect composition is between 18 and 19 degrees of pan?  I can't enter 18.3.  

-Can we have composition helpers in the camera view (adjustable grids, etc).



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On 5/28/2021 at 12:06 PM, grant_PD said:

...Set up the camera in plan.

Find the shot, see the shot on a viewport.

If I move the camera, (XYZ move, pan, tilt, zoom, whatever) the viewport updates...

This is how one works in most other 3D environments - much simpler/cleaner than VW's 'once and locked' mode.



Also, not having spotlight, I was disappointed that the renderworks camera didn't have "realworld' lenses and formats.

Now I'm jealous that all you Spotlight people do have them - but us lowly Landmark folks are stuck with nothing!

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