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Vectorworks trees with Enscape appearance

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We are trying live renerding with Enscape and would like to update our Vectorworks trees to make them look good, also in Enscape.
When we import trees from Encape Material tool set, they are just Enscape_AssetPluginObjects, and we cannot add information about the tree. My idea was to edit the 3D type of the Vectorworks Plant and place the Enscape plugin there. This creates a tree in vectorworks that looks like the enscape tree, but with the Vectorworks attributes that we like, but this also makes the tree disapperar completely in Enscape.

How come?


Is it possible to "add" Enscape appearance ti Vectorworks trees?
Is it possible to adjust size (height, spread and canopy height) on tre vw-trees and also bring these adjustments to Enscape?


Below are the different kind of trees:

1: Vectorworks tree
2: Enscape tree
3: Enscape tree as 3D graphics Vectorworks tree


Vectorworks Front:


Vectorworks top:
Enscape front: (3rd one is missing)


Kind regards 


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Lisa and I are colleagues and we are soon going to use vectorworks to do some renderings with Enscape in our model. One other thing that would be much apprechiated if you look into this topic about how vegetations is visualized in VW and Enscape, is how landscape areas is appearing in Enscape. It would be amazing if landscape areas from VW would have a nicer look when we view them in Enscape. Right now they just appear as square figures and very simple. 

Thank you and hoping there is a solution! 



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@Dave Donley Hi Dave,
Thank you for your reply. Thats great to hear that you are working with Enscape to achieve that and then we know that it is not possible at the moment. It would be lovely if you can reach out to us when its possible if its not too far ahead in time! 


Best regards, 


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Hi Dave, 


I was wondering if you had any succes in adding enscape asset objects in a plant symbol? I am trying to figure out what is the best way to have the bim data connected to the 3d visualisations (without having to do extra work) 🙂


Best regards, 


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Thank you for your quick reply. I am replying here for Felix, as he is my colleague.


You are absolutely right, this works now if you replace the plant symbol with the Enscape asset. Thank you!


I realized that I had tried a different way to do this, and that is why we thought that this does not work. I had tried to copy the Enscape 3D graphics to the plant symbol by clicking the "copy from symbol" from the Edit plant style-dialog and selecting the Enscape asset.


What do you think - would this be also a possible way to do it in the future?






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The only part that we look for during the export are the plug-in objects. The plug-in object references a symbol with the preview-geometry (as we call it) but that geometry isn't used for anything except for displaying it in the CAD and that's why "Copy from Symbol" does not work. There is no link to the plug-in object. I believe you can even modify the symbol containing our preview-geometry however you like. To restore it back to default you can delete the Symbol with the geometry and reset the asset's plug-in object using it to re-generate it or place the same asset again in the project.

For getting "Copy from Symbol" to work you need a symbol containing the plug-in object. So create a new symbol, place the asset in there and then "Copy from Symbol" from that one.

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I've just started moving my workflow to 3D and added on Enscape. This plant issue is really bugging me. I cannot get Enscape plant assets to work in VW plant symbols, which is a real issue from an efficient work flow perspective. I've raised it with our VW support in Australia and they couldn't get it to work either. Can anyone demonstrate a proven process to bring the full Enscape plant asset into the 3D component of a plant symbol please! Here's the link for my test file, https://thescapeartist.sharepoint.com/:u:/s/TheScapeArtistsDocuments/EaJz0v9RTHtMgFkA78G4aeoBHCeP_OrcrP4g-vEjafnViA?e=G3nakd and screen shots of what I see - direct asset placement v's VW plants with my attempt at bringing the asset into the 3D component.

Screenshot 2024-01-22 163726.png

Screenshot 2024-01-22 163850.png

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