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  1. Any solutions yet? This is so annoying!
  2. Hi! Did you get any answers from Enscape? I'm so excited 🙂 /Lisa
  3. Thanks! Here it is! /Lisa trädtest.vwx
  4. Hi! We are trying live renerding with Enscape and would like to update our Vectorworks trees to make them look good, also in Enscape. When we import trees from Encape Material tool set, they are just Enscape_AssetPluginObjects, and we cannot add information about the tree. My idea was to edit the 3D type of the Vectorworks Plant and place the Enscape plugin there. This creates a tree in vectorworks that looks like the enscape tree, but with the Vectorworks attributes that we like, but this also makes the tree disapperar completely in Enscape. How come? Is it possible to "add" Enscape appearance ti Vectorworks trees? Is it possible to adjust size (height, spread and canopy height) on tre vw-trees and also bring these adjustments to Enscape? Below are the different kind of trees: 1: Vectorworks tree 2: Enscape tree 3: Enscape tree as 3D graphics Vectorworks tree Vectorworks Front: Vectorworks top: Enscape front: (3rd one is missing) Kind regards Lisa
  5. Thanks a lot @Benson Shaw, @jeff prince and @Tom W.! I often think choosing the right, or "smartest" tool is a bit tricky but now I have some more tools to try with these shapes 🙂 I thought Vectorworks would be able to work at the correct location, but am I doing it wrong? Well, I like when I see the X and Y posisions at 65... and 15... since that's where we are, but is it possible to also create some kind of local 0 to increase file performance?
  6. @jeff prince Thank you! How do you mean with modeling tools? Are there any specific tools you have in mind? Could I still adjust heights in OIP? Actually most VW-files run poor on our computers, I'm not sure if we are doing sometthing terrible wrong when working in/creating our files? 😬 I am very greatful that you checked our file 😊 /Lisa
  7. @jeff prince Thanks! Here it is! /Lisa Till SOM 2021-04-06 v2020.vwx
  8. Hi! I have some problems with the hardscape tool and I need some help since I don't know if this is due to program limitations, bugs or my lack of knowledge. In this project we have groups with walls which are "wave-shaped" and varies in width. For this I thought the hardscape tool would bee the best way to go. I really like how I can adjust heights and slope options. I use the 2D plan-lines and fill them with polygon tool and then create Hardscapes. All of them is created as Slab Modifyer (top), since I want to adjust the heights on top. Everything looks just fine, except three of them, made red in the Attributes panel. Instead of building thickness from top down as the others, they are building from the bottom and up, even though they all have the same top-down properties. I dont know why this is and I can't find any way around it. If I use 1m thickness or -1m thickness, both of them are building upwards! How can I fix this? Kind regards Lisa Till SOM 2021-04-06.vwx
  9. Wow, this might be a great solution, I would probably have to read your answer for about 15 times before I fully understand it 🙂 I'll keep in touch with follow up questions! Kind regards Lisa
  10. Hi! Thanks a lot! We are still struggling a lot but at least we are moving forward 🙂 Hopefully we would be more active here also, since this is a giant resource with support and the whish list. I'm also impressed that you remembered me from only the nick name! We really appreciated the meeting with you the last year, time flies. Promise to tell us if you visit Sweden again, i'll bet we and some other offices would like another meeting, if the pandemic allows. Kind regards Lisa
  11. Hi! We are working in a larger BIM projet and are delivering 3D files for coordination. One of the things important to coordinate are plant beds in streets. The project has a certain build up as the image below but we have some problems choosing the best tool for this purpose. Optional would be to use, for instance Landscape area, applying the different build-ups within, be able to see volumes etc, but one of the issues is that we cant figure out how we can create a BIM object with the sloped sides? Straight sides is not how we build it. Another question is the visibility, to work best as a coordination object we would like to look down into the vegetation area build up, to spot collisions. Is it possible to have the top and horizontal layers of the build up at an other class possible to hide or to ad a transparancy? Would be very grateful for answers, this is really a bummer for us. Kind regards Lisa
  12. Hi! I would like to see volumes in AutoCAD properties dialog box, in files exported from Vectorworks (2021). In VW i can see them in Landmark>Machine Design>3D Properties but I can't see them in CAD. Is there any 3D shapes that ar more useful to use, is it an export issue or are there any workarounds? 🙂 Kind regards Lisa
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