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Cannot Select Objects

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Okay I know I am missing something easy here, new user so go easy on me. Working on a project with all layers set to Show/Snap Others. For some reason I cannot select an object unless I lasso (click and drag) around it. What is going here?

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1 minute ago, Builtra said:

so for example if you click on a wall (single click) it doesnt select the wall?

Correct. Everything seemed to be fine earlier but now cannot single click to select an object... Restarted VWX and still same issue. 

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2 minutes ago, Stephan Moenninghoff said:

Go to View -> Class Options. It should be Show/Snap/Modify Others. Is it?

This did it, thank you! Knew it had to be something easy. 


Still weird though as I stated in my original post all layers in my Navigation Toolbar were set to show/snap others...

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3 minutes ago, Mark Mosher said:

Glad it is working for you now @BenJ, and based on my own challenges [read confusion] I do suspect that View menu setting overrides the Nav Pallet in some cases.

Good to know! Appreciate all the quick responses from everyone

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@BenJ This was likely caused by the things you were trying to click on being made up of multiple classes or having internal geometry of a symbol in a different class than what the symbol is in.  In other words, if the symbol is placed in the "Tables and Chairs" class (which is active), but the geometry inside the symbol is in the "None" class, if you have your View Class settings to just Show/Snap, trying to do a single click will be looking for the internal geometry, but doing a lasso select will pull the symbol's class.


I understand it's a bit confusing, but it's the reason I almost always draft with my View Classes set to Show/Snap/Modify and my View Layers set to Show/Snap.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I have just experienced something similar to what BenJ experienced. For some reason I cannot select an object, lasso, pan, click and drag on my screen, also the lines will not stay highlighted and wont resize. My Classes are on Show/Snap/Modify Others and my Layers are Show/Snap Others. It was working fine  earlier and somehow my workspace just stopped responding. I am able to zoom with the scroll bar.

How can I remedy this asap, I'm desperate!

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