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  1. That was it! The truss was on a different design layer that was higher in the navigation palette. Thank you so much for this, I love this forum : )
  2. All classes and layers are visible and set to show/snap/ modify others. I edited 2D component of symbol and everything seems to be in order. I can select fixtures and move them around and they appear in 2D but as soon as I put them on top of the truss tower they disappear. I don't know what is going on.
  3. I have auras on top of vertical truss towers and for some reason they have disappeared in my top down 2D view, however they are most definitely there in 3D. I right clicked and sent them to front and sent truss tower to back and still nothing. What am I doing wrong here??
  4. Working on a rendering with multiple fixtures in the rig, all of them are outputting beams in the rendering except for the City Theatrical Qolor Points. Any thoughts? It has a color, lit fog and is supposed to be at 100%.
  5. Good to know! Appreciate all the quick responses from everyone
  6. This did it, thank you! Knew it had to be something easy. Still weird though as I stated in my original post all layers in my Navigation Toolbar were set to show/snap others...
  7. Correct. Everything seemed to be fine earlier but now cannot single click to select an object... Restarted VWX and still same issue.
  8. Okay I know I am missing something easy here, new user so go easy on me. Working on a project with all layers set to Show/Snap Others. For some reason I cannot select an object unless I lasso (click and drag) around it. What is going here?
  9. Thank you! New to VW and this was really driving me crazy this afternoon.
  10. Why can't I get texts and containers to line up? Within the label legend manager they look fine, I even aligned both middle and center via right click but they are still completely offset on the drawing. Help!
  11. How does this work when it comes to fixtures being 2fer'd, 3fer'd or jumped via powercon? I'd ask over on the LW forum too but it doesn't seem to have as much foot traffic as the VW forum. My example - I have (1) 24 way 208 distro with (4) soca outputs. I set up circuit names and what fixtures goes to each one, however when I go to auto balance is says "not everything would fit". Is it trying to do a 1-1 patch? The rigs consists of around 50 lights including auras, CF 12s, CF 48s and mythos so there is more than enough power.
  12. Screenshot attached. All fixtures on this truss have circuits assigned to them but the breakout label still says 1,2,3,4,5,6 are all spare.
  13. New user here - Using assign multicable circuits tool for the first time, seems to be working correctly. However, when I use place breakout labels it shows circuits 1 though 6 as spare. Am I missing something?
  14. I will definitely give this a shot, thanks for the info!
  15. New to VWX and LW, wondering how everyone goes about assigning circuits and getting a balanced load. I am used to figuring it out myself via an excel spreadsheet but heard either or both of these programs may be able to do it for you?
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