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  1. This is very educational for me, thank you to all contributors. For me, this "reversal" seemed to happen a SP or two ago where a Rotate 45 caused a Counter-Clockwise rotation. While I figured it was a bug, I know know why this happens and have since gotten used to it. Thanks again.
  2. Hi Will, are you looking for Custom Dimension standards? Please see screen record [excuse my eye hand coordination]. Screen Recording 2021-11-11 at 3.14.03 PM.mov
  3. Oops, just found out how to do it. It is remapping the Snap Loupe to something other than the Z key.
  4. Hi Forum, I have become Left handed over the last few years [Right hand not working great]. I am looking to remap the Z [Zoom] key to something on the other end of keyboard. Is this doable? Thank you
  5. Hi Lee, I do not think you can Force Quit one of multiple open files. For me, I hit the esc key to stop any render in process and then close the offending file. Other users may have a better option. Regards
  6. Glad it is working for you now @BenJ, and based on my own challenges [read confusion] I do suspect that View menu setting overrides the Nav Pallet in some cases.
  7. Hi Greg, Speaking from my own experience here as I have 2015 Designer running on a 2010 MacbookPro with Mac OS High Sierra [is quite sluggish but is not my work machine though]. As I wanted to find out for my amusement, Vectorworks 2015 will not install on my current iMac running Catalina [not for me anyhow]. HTH
  8. Hello, I have 2021 installed and noticed there is no progress bar to be found. Perhaps I am missing something..
  9. Hi all, This morning upon launching VW 2019, a pop-up asking to Activate as if my currently working version was a new install. I did a restart of my computer to no avail. Yesterday, I did use the Repair function on the VW Updater page and with no issues after that. I did send an email to tech support. Any thoughts?
  10. FlyingHoward


    Hi MikeyP, I had a similar issue and also needed the application installer. I sent off an email to tech@vectorworks.net and got a response [and the required link] on same day. Give that a whirl.
  11. Hi Matt, i can take a stab at it. Check the "Show Page Breaks" settings on the Page Setup dialogue?
  12. Hi Ron, Others may have something to add in here, but I have read where only VW 2019 and up is officially supported on Catalina. Even though I hear of some having gotten earlier versions of VW to work on Catalina [not tried by myself]. HTH
  13. Hi Tim, I am possibly out in Left field here but it might be due to Catalina and having to give some system permission again after an update.
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