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  1. I have just experienced something similar to what BenJ experienced. For some reason I cannot select an object, lasso, pan, click and drag on my screen, also the lines will not stay highlighted and wont resize. My Classes are on Show/Snap/Modify Others and my Layers are Show/Snap Others. It was working fine earlier and somehow my workspace just stopped responding. I am able to zoom with the scroll bar. How can I remedy this asap, I'm desperate!
  2. I've been busy and will be for a little while, but... I will try this next., looks promising! Thank you
  3. I appreciate your feedback, but I don't think the wall tool is what want to use, because I want to be able to add and remove shapes to the ramp shape as I work on ideas... The ramp tool can work for the slope (only), but I am looking to have the bottom level horizontal (not sloped). Taper face seems to be the right tool, but I am not able to understand how to use it...
  4. This is exactly what I want to try, but I am having trouble making my sequence accomplish this or make the tool "behave" Thank you.
  5. Thank you mjm, your visual is great. I am aware and able to do this, but what I am looking for is something I can do and change in 3D and a massing study in progress (similar to the push & pull tool or change wall peaks.
  6. Concerning the trackpad correction for the MacBook Pro I have the same problem and issues in trying to download the proper link and procedure to follow with this trackpad script. Why is t so convoluted? Can somebody explain it in very simple and clear steps what has to be done?
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