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  1. This is very educational for me, thank you to all contributors. For me, this "reversal" seemed to happen a SP or two ago where a Rotate 45 caused a Counter-Clockwise rotation. While I figured it was a bug, I know know why this happens and have since gotten used to it. Thanks again.
  2. Hi Will, are you looking for Custom Dimension standards? Please see screen record [excuse my eye hand coordination]. Screen Recording 2021-11-11 at 3.14.03 PM.mov
  3. Oops, just found out how to do it. It is remapping the Snap Loupe to something other than the Z key.
  4. Hi Forum, I have become Left handed over the last few years [Right hand not working great]. I am looking to remap the Z [Zoom] key to something on the other end of keyboard. Is this doable? Thank you
  5. Hi Lee, I do not think you can Force Quit one of multiple open files. For me, I hit the esc key to stop any render in process and then close the offending file. Other users may have a better option. Regards
  6. Glad it is working for you now @BenJ, and based on my own challenges [read confusion] I do suspect that View menu setting overrides the Nav Pallet in some cases.
  7. Hi Greg, Speaking from my own experience here as I have 2015 Designer running on a 2010 MacbookPro with Mac OS High Sierra [is quite sluggish but is not my work machine though]. As I wanted to find out for my amusement, Vectorworks 2015 will not install on my current iMac running Catalina [not for me anyhow]. HTH
  8. Hello, I have 2021 installed and noticed there is no progress bar to be found. Perhaps I am missing something..
  9. Hi all, This morning upon launching VW 2019, a pop-up asking to Activate as if my currently working version was a new install. I did a restart of my computer to no avail. Yesterday, I did use the Repair function on the VW Updater page and with no issues after that. I did send an email to tech support. Any thoughts?
  10. FlyingHoward


    Hi MikeyP, I had a similar issue and also needed the application installer. I sent off an email to tech@vectorworks.net and got a response [and the required link] on same day. Give that a whirl.
  11. Hi Matt, i can take a stab at it. Check the "Show Page Breaks" settings on the Page Setup dialogue?
  12. Hi Ron, Others may have something to add in here, but I have read where only VW 2019 and up is officially supported on Catalina. Even though I hear of some having gotten earlier versions of VW to work on Catalina [not tried by myself]. HTH
  13. Hi Tim, I am possibly out in Left field here but it might be due to Catalina and having to give some system permission again after an update.
  14. Hi Eric, please check the pdf Publish Options and uncheck "Open PDF in the Default viewer". Hope that helps you [did I understood your Q properly?]..
  15. @Wesley BurrowsFor me, the Text has full background but text is offset from the background. Fun times.
  16. @Neil Barman All good suggestions for me, and especially for your reference [intended or not] to Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. "Session > Maximum number of Undos > 42 Why I adjust this pref: I like to experiment and sometimes I need to “back out” of what I’m doing a lot. Plus, if it can be the answer to life, the universe, and everything, it must be a good number of undo’s." Plus I do find this setting quite useful to me. Mark
  17. Hello Forum users, a fresh question for someone who is willing to answer. I use VW on my External Monitor as my iMac screen, while lovely, but is too fine of a pitch for me to see well enough. While the undocked pallets load onto the External Monitor, the Main Drawing window always opens on my iMac screen. This only happens when launching VW after it has been quit, but not if opening from hidden or closed state. I do not mind moving the Main Drawing window to my External Monitor, but would love a fix if there is one. Kind regards
  18. Great suggestions, both of you. My old eyes would appreciate such a thing.
  19. Hi Jim, I've a 2010 MackbookPro with HS and VW Designer 2015 that both seem to run just fine. Mind you, I do not do any serious rendering, might be a "Show Stopper". HTH
  20. Hi Parker, Not sure if this is relatable for your setup, nor if I understand your question properly [too many Show-plans in my brain today]. I have always [when using VW2019] found that if I startup VW from my iMac dock, then your issue is mine as well with regards to Palettes repositioning on their own. However, if I start up VW by cicking an existing drawing from my documents folder, then all works as expected with all Palettes staying put. Hope this helps
  21. Hi Katherine, I think you have the same iMac I currently use. I had the same issue, although reverted back to SP 1 which seems to have alleviated some hangs. [I had reset my User Folder/prefs, along with re-install to SP 2 but ultimately had to go back to SP1]. I am about to setup a new machine with 4GB VRam as it has been suggested that 2GB VRam is insufficient in some cases. Mark
  22. I think I have solved my issue. I had 90 Sheets of various viewports [preset room layouts] where I would edit then publish individual sets of sheets as required. I deleted all sheets [working off of a back-up copy...], and now no more spinning beachball. I have all design layers intact still. VRAM might very well be an issue, but for now and for me, this is a reasonable fix. Thanks all.
  23. Hi bjoerka, The no-go is that nothing had improved, same lengthly spinning beach ball after any click. Anyhow, I have reinstalled completely and have not updated to SP2. I shall see where that goes. Thank you for your help.
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