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Design Layer Default Elevation



In my current file - when I create a new design layer it now defaults to the Elevation value that I specified when making the first non-zero design layer. Is this intended behaviour? It's incredibly annoying and now every design layer I make is created with an elevation of 5000mm. 


I have tried everything in my arsenal of tricks, but nothing seems to return the Edit Design Layers dialog back to the default.



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Unfortunately that is the functionality.  Each new layer is created at the Z elevation of the previously created layer(s) plus the Layer Height of the previous layer.


So if you create a layer at 5000 with a layer height of 2500 the next layer should have a z-height of 7500.


Manually editing them is the only work around I know.  :-(


Hopefully someone will prove me wrong.

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I don't know if anyone still finds it useful or not, but it was originally designed for architectural setting up of layers.


Ground floor layer z of zero and layer height of 2500. Create next layer for second floor you get automatic , Layer Z of 2500 + Layer Height of 2500, New layer for 3rd floor automatic Layer Z of 5000 and Layer Height of 2500, etc.


But even for architecture this was too limiting. Which is why Stories were added so that when things need to change you can adjust the story height and have items that are bound to the Story levels automatically adjust.


Perhaps temporarily reset your layer to a level of zero and a layer height of zero, Create your new layers, then reset the heights to what you want.  Best solution I have right now. Plus, check the Edit Properties After Creation box for layers so at least you will see and have the option to change the values if they are wrong.


Update, the layer Z increase only occurs if you create a New layer. I you Duplicate a layer it will take the values of the layer. So create a "template" layer with layers of zero and duplicate that instead of creating a New layer.


And when you do it wrong, the following one line script will reset the layer height and layer Z of the active layer to zero.


SetLayerElevation(ActLayer, 0,0);

Copy and paste the line above into a new blank script.

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Many thanks Pat. I have tried creating new design layers at all sorts of different heights. It still seems to be stuck on 5000!!


I'm going to report it as a bug and see what comes back. I can't get any new design layers in this file to create at any Elevation other than 5000, no matter what I do! 


Thanks for the script.



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