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Michael Gilbert

Local mapping of hatches in 2017

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Yes if you right-click on the locally mapped hatch + select 'New Hatch from Locally Mapped Hatch...' you can save it as a new hatch. And then you can put it in your Favourites for easy access. Or save it in the 'Attributes - Hatches' user folder if you prefer. Is that what you meant?


I'm assuming VW2017 is the same as VW2020 for this

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Hi Tom


sorry for delay. Useful suggestion. We have many small 2D drawings that take less than 20 minutes but often contain elements at differing angles with different hatches that require conforming to the elements angle. Just trying to figure out a way of speeding up by possibly assigning class hatch and element class so can do a custom selection on element class and then change class for selected objects to class with specified hatch. Creating small VS and then adding a pull down menu or using a palette with Keyboard Maestro. Appreciate suggestion.



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Posted (edited)

There are the options to Rotate in Wall and/or in Symbol.

If your elements can be made into symbols, you might be able to optimise the needed hatches using that option. Then you wouldn't need a rotation at all. 


But reading your mail it doesn't sound like this is feasible.




I keep a subset of hatches for a few options: background (B) rotate in wall (W) and rotate in symbol (S). 



I wouldn't know how to otherwise optimise, aside of scripting something, which, in this case, would only make sense if this action was really recursive. Any script would have you to choose a line representing the hatch rotation and...then you can just as well use the Attribute Mapping tool on one object and transfer by pipette the edited mapping on other objects.


Edit: add screenshot of the Attribute Mapping tool, which is often unknown. This allows to move/rotate/scale any vectorial fill (hatch/gradient/img/texture) directly on the object. It is awesome.




Or, as Tom suggested, apply a saved hatch variant on a multiple selection from the Resource Manager and that can hardly be made faster.

I hope this helps.




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Thanks - will dig into this - have thought of trying coding using Python (have to learn that first!) But your suggestion looks promising so will investigate.


Thanks you

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