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  1. Thanks - will dig into this - have thought of trying coding using Python (have to learn that first!) But your suggestion looks promising so will investigate. Thanks you
  2. Hi Tom sorry for delay. Useful suggestion. We have many small 2D drawings that take less than 20 minutes but often contain elements at differing angles with different hatches that require conforming to the elements angle. Just trying to figure out a way of speeding up by possibly assigning class hatch and element class so can do a custom selection on element class and then change class for selected objects to class with specified hatch. Creating small VS and then adding a pull down menu or using a palette with Keyboard Maestro. Appreciate suggestion. Cheers Michael
  3. Is there any way to make Local Mapping a default for a specified hatch? Appreciate help. Thanks m
  4. Using 2017 Fundamentals. Anyone know if there is a way to have an objects shadow scale as the object is scaled - strictly 2D question? Any suggestions appreciated. m
  5. Hi Pavlov no this is version 2011 that only runs on Intel based machines. I need version 11. VW really confused things by shifting from version numbers 10.xx.xx, 11.xx.xx to version numbers based on year, e.g. 2008, 2012 etc. The version I am after is real OLD and runs on Mac PowerPC processors. We still use Ver 11.5 and very reliable and fast. Does what we need. However, I have not seen that chart before and looks like 2008-2009 will run on Tiger so will amend my post thanks to your input. Thank you for responding and clarifying for me. All the best Michael
  6. Looking to source some old licenses + dongles for version 12 that will run on Apple Mac PPC OS X Tiger 10.4.11. Anyone? Let me know.
  7. In OS X. Can anyone tell me how to change date/time formats in Vectorworks log files. Currently like this when opening log file: 9/16/19 1:00:43 PM Opened "34 High Street.DSHsk". 9/16/19 1:00:45 PM Closed "34 High Street.DSHsk". Date is MDY format and require DMY Time is 12 hour and require 24 hour with no AM/PM. Changing OS X system prefs seems to have no effect. Any guidance appreciated as need log files for work analysis. Thanks Michael
  8. Not quite getting it. I want to create a colour chart of Classic Vectorworks colours in 2017. That's the issue I am having. When I try and create just giving me a grid of current colours used in document. Want the whole shebang. Intention. Create colour grid. Export as eps. Open eps with Adobe Illustrator - map the colours to AI. Then we can assign colours in VW drawing and export as eps and assign in AI to select specified colours as part of AI actions. Manually we can see that the colours even in RGB do not match between VW and AI. Something I am missing as seems trivial to create the colour grid.
  9. Thanks Art - will check these out.
  10. Thank you to everyone for responding. Benson - looks like we can setup a Keyboard Maestro macro to do an initial search and delete certain objects, e.g. zero line weights etc. and then Compose as per suggestion. Adding any simple saved search as VW script drop down menu, then adding drop down menu selection as steps within Keyboard Maestro macro can make it quite easy to create strings of actions. Will look into this. Thanks
  11. We are often asked to redraw supplied architects PDF plans to create marketing materials. If the PDF is a vector drawing then we can do this by opening PDF in illustrator, export as DXF and then import into VW. Any advice on simplest most efficient way would be appreciated. Especially pertaining to page sizes, scaling and duplicate lines from illustrator. Thanks Michael
  12. Just for interest. I have figured out how to use Keyboard Maestro to click buttons. Using If statements, if X axis > Y axis, etc. This can also work for other objects but in each case only for 90 & 180 degrees but does the job for what we needed.
  13. Thanks Jim Hopefully I should have OS 10.6 knocking around somewhere for spare drive. Thanks Michael
  14. I have an old copy of version 12 that uses local dongle. Runs on old PPC OS X 11.5 Will this version run on an intel machine and if so which Mac OS's? I have tried looking for system requirements but no luck. Finally if it does run on an intel do I need a different install discs? Thanks Michael
  15. Is there a way to decompose or convert a wall in some way such as to be left with just a centre line only? If there is can this be done on multiple selected walls simultaneously? Why? Using single internal footprint of floor from internal side of external walls it would be great if internal walls could be duplicated, decomposed to leave centre line so that centre lines could then be used to clip footprint creating room footprints on centre lines of walls. Using a wall style with specified attributes custom searches could easily be set to delete unwanted lines leaving just centre lines.
  16. I have been trying to set up a macro that will click specified button on Obj Info palette depending on trigger, e.g. Command+3 (on numeric keypad) clicks bottom right button. This used to be easy as the button display was static. Now it expands and contracts based on an objects dimensions. However, I can work round this but need to ascertain how may steps in button expansion there is and x/y dimension ratio that triggers expansion. For a horizontal rectangle (macro only works with rectangles) where dims x > y it appears that once x/y is ≥ 1.11 then button array expands. Also, I can only detect a single expansion. For a vertical rectangle where x > y it appears that once y/x is ≥ 1.12 then button array expands. Also, I can only detect a single expansion. No steps due to in x/y ratio. Can anyone confirm that there is only a single expansion of the button array? And someone from tech support confirm these ratios as the triggers for button array expansion? Apologies if posting in wrong forum. Using VW 2017 on Macbook Pro OS X 10.11 Thanks Michael
  17. Put in request as per your suggestion. Thanks for help.
  18. Currently the button array in Obj Info is dynamic and whilst this looks nice those buttons still have to be clicked manually. If the button arrays were static then creating a macro in third party app to click a button triggered by key combination, e.g. Command+N (OS X - from number keypad) would be easy and save a lot of mousing around. In prior versions with static button array it was very easy to set-up and saved both time and effort.
  19. Are you just looking for a way to assign a keyboard shortcut to the widget? Widget? Do you mean the Obj Info palette? I have a macro that can activate Obj Info palette regardless of initial conditions. Follow on macro to ascertain if selection is Group, Rectangle, Polygon, etc. Have macro to place cursor in x dimension field. But cannot work out how to click radio button - even when restricting to objects that are at 90 or 180 degrees. I thought I had solved it but then in use realised that the button array is not just displaying object orientation but actually expands or contracts based on x & y dimensions as per images. I can test for dims y>x, x=y, x<y where needed to work out orientation and shape, e.g. for a rectangle but because the button array expands and contracts I cannot use a pixel reference as a mouse click location which I would be able to do if button array was static. Bummer :(
  20. Is there any way that I can possible reference a button in Obj Info palette? I cannot use location based upon X & Y pixel distance from a found image such as "Rectangle" text. VS script, python, anyway at all? Just run out of ideas. If the buttons were static this would not be an issue but because the button array is dynamic am unable to specify location based on pixel location and Accessibility Inspector in OS X does not show a reference for the buttons per se. In prior versions a macro trigger, e.g. Command+1 (on numeric keypad) would click the bottom left button. However, unable to recreate in 2017 using Keyboard Maestro due to dynamic button array. Any out of the box ideas anyone? For example, disable dynamic button display and make it static?
  21. Hi Benson was creating a new template so somehow I deleted Basic Tools palette. Not sure how. Sorted now. Be nice if we could custom colour palette though. Thanks for help on this. m
  22. Hi Benson thanks for input. I did hunt around on the screen as closed mode. Using 3 screens so sometimes off somewhere! Not listed in Window>Palettes. Have not found but switching Workspaces and palette shows up. So somehow I have managed to disable via Workspace editor - not sure how as showing in the editor! The Basic Palette is switched off via red button - where's that? Appreciate help. Michael
  23. Really dumb question but cannot find Basic Tool Palette on screen anywhere. No option under Workspaces to show/hide. Not listed under Window>Palettes menu. Also, any way to change Palette default colours? All these greys - brilliant camouflage but not great for old eyes. VW 2017 Fundamentals/Architect. Macs. Thanks Michael
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