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Renderworks textures in worksheet + name of color in a data tag

Bas Vellekoop


Hi all,


2 questions:




I`m wondering if it is possible to get Renderworks textures in an worksheet with an image of the texture.

The idea is to create elevations with data tags which refer to a worksheet for the: material, texture, color, ... 




Is it possible to get the name of the chosen color fill in a data tag?








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18 hours ago, Pat Stanford said:

I don't believe it is possible directly.  Worksheets are only able to see objects that are present in the file (from a programming standpoint, objects that have handles in the drawing space). You might be able to apply the textures to objects on an extra layer and then get the information, but I have not tried it.


Besides the worksheet: Would you think it would be possible to get the color name (the color name that is available in the color palette) in the in a Data tag?


tagging @Wes Gardner as well because he seems a master in data tags 🙂 




The way I would like to use it:


I have a big project with 10 different types of materials.  These 10 materials can have all the colors available in the RAL color coding system.

In order to prevent that i have to create all the classes for the 10 materials and the hundreds of different RAL-color I thought of setting the color of the material by the object fill in the attributes tablet.


By doing it this way I can prevent the creations of hundreds of classes and can color object every object just the way I want.


And if I can use a data tag to get the object fill / color name in a elevation i would be really happy 🙂



1: Set the color of textures by 'Object Fill':




2: Use the Attributes Pallete to override the standard color with a custom RAL-color




3: get the color name in a elevation with the use of a data tag:




Would this be possible?





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