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AutoCAD imports show stop

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I"m having issues with getting AutoCAD files into .vwx and then .mvr files. I have 2 different computers and have converted a handful of dwg files all with the same dead end. 

Importing the files are no problem; purging or converting meshes to reduce file sizes ends up with VW running my RAM to it's limit before eventually crashing the computer. If I don't do these processes and assign objects to classes, then exporting smaller classes to .mvr I get the same problem with RAM running up and then crashing. 

At this point it's only a problem with dwg/dxf files and keeps me from getting much work done. 

System specs: computer 1 - i7 3.0ghz 32gb RAMM; computer 2 - i7 3.4ghz 64gb RAMM. 


Any recommendations on how to get some work done?

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@nickMUGS As is usually the case, it is difficult to assist and problem solve things without you posting the file. Maybe you could post the dwg file so some of us here could rip the bejesus out of it and see if we have the same issues that you are experiencing. 


.mvr ???  I have never seen that as an export option within VW. So, I am a bit confused at that .

Plus...converting meshes to what??  

The land of AutoBad.....a really irritating and unsettling place to be. :-) 


Perhaps you could expand upon your end game with what it is exactly you are trying to achieve?

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@Kevin K Hey hey

Unfortunately I can't post this file for help - active NDA. *.mvr is the file format that exports into Vision, this is the new thing VW/Vision are moving into. 


As for the meshes, they are a custom truss that import in as meshes, trying to simplifying them only causes the objects to disappear. I'd like to convert them to a polygon or something simpler to work with. Currently the dwg conversion is running my vwx at 350+Mb, so not great for any work.

Dwg files converted seem to be so bad that running purge command runs up my RAM and eventually crashes. 
I'd like to get this to be a much simpler file (<20Mb), add my fixtures and information, and export it into Vision.


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@nickMUGS Thanks for explaining the mvr file extension. I am a Mac guy, and I think I read that Vision only works in PC land ? I may have that wrong.

Those pesky meshes!   Unfortunate you are handcuffed in regards to posting the dwg file.

Oh well......I tried. 🙂

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Do you have Autocad or Bridscad or something similar that you can clean up in those first?


Are you able to extract just the truss and put that up, to avoid nda issues?

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On 1/24/2021 at 10:20 AM, nickMUGS said:

Importing the files are no problem; purging or converting meshes to reduce file sizes ends up with VW running my RAM to it's limit before eventually crashing the computer.

This most likely means the meshes have lots of points, AutoCAD 3D surface models tends to be triangulated badly (meaning with LOTS of triangulation) upon import into other programs,


One option could be as @unearthed mentioned to use AutoCAD or BricsCAD to clean up the drawings.


Another option could be to use Rhino, if you have access to it, to import the DWG and clean it up in there and then import the Rhino 3DM file into Vectorworks, I do that from time to time to get cleaner imports than I would have from directly importing a 3D DWG file but results do vary depending on the quality of the 3D model in the DWG file.

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