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  1. Hey hey Besides Duplicate along path/array with LED panel symbols, I would like to be able to make curved LED walls. There are a lot of flexible displays coming around in my designs so the easier VW can make this the more time I can save. This is also very useful for previz so that I can take in NDI video on video surfaces.
  2. @Kevin K Hey hey Unfortunately I can't post this file for help - active NDA. *.mvr is the file format that exports into Vision, this is the new thing VW/Vision are moving into. As for the meshes, they are a custom truss that import in as meshes, trying to simplifying them only causes the objects to disappear. I'd like to convert them to a polygon or something simpler to work with. Currently the dwg conversion is running my vwx at 350+Mb, so not great for any work. Dwg files converted seem to be so bad that running purge command runs up my RAM and eventually crashes. I'd like to get this to be a much simpler file (<20Mb), add my fixtures and information, and export it into Vision.
  3. @Art V Negative, I set VW21 OpenGL to my GPU. Restarted everything and tried some 3D. Nothing moves on my resource monitor, CPU is still the only thing that cranks away. What else should I try? (I have RTX 2070Super)
  4. I"m having issues with getting AutoCAD files into .vwx and then .mvr files. I have 2 different computers and have converted a handful of dwg files all with the same dead end. Importing the files are no problem; purging or converting meshes to reduce file sizes ends up with VW running my RAM to it's limit before eventually crashing the computer. If I don't do these processes and assign objects to classes, then exporting smaller classes to .mvr I get the same problem with RAM running up and then crashing. At this point it's only a problem with dwg/dxf files and keeps me from getting much work done. System specs: computer 1 - i7 3.0ghz 32gb RAMM; computer 2 - i7 3.4ghz 64gb RAMM. Any recommendations on how to get some work done?
  5. Hey I've been using this data cable chain tool. I'd like to request that it automatically calculates a vertical length change if fixtures have a different z height. Also cable universe value and fixture universe seems to be disconnected. If they are connected (like the hanging position tool) by universe cable then the values should all match up And one more thing, I'd like to search a cable by cable ID value - I'm very limited to 'position' and 'universe' Let me know your thoughts Cheers -Nick
  6. Hey hey How can I add dmx addresses incrementally based on the selection order of the fixtures? I can't seem to find a way to make my data runs easier and address based on the cable path.
  7. Thanks guys. This helps me along. I wasn't aware the ability of putting formulas in fields, that's going to change a lot of things for me. Cheers!
  8. I appreciate both of your replies. - Duplicate array is useless for me because you have to input the duplicate angle. - Using a circle as an overlay to truss seems like a workaround to a feature that should be working. But oh well that's what works for now. If I place the fixture on the circle, why does dup on path shift the fixture I placed 90 degrees from it's original placement? Then I have use the rotate tool to put it back, seems like another workaround to something that should work more straightforward.
  9. I have a truss circle that I want to duplicate lighting fixtures evenly along it. How do I go about doing this? I've tried selecting both the fixture and the truss and duplicate along path is enabled but gives me a error in return.
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