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Apple Mac Mini with M1 Chip...any issues?

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Morning all,


I'm a landscape designer and carrying out 95% of my work in 2D (landscape and planting designs) and I do some basic 3D work but not always required for my projects. Been having a read through various threads and updates by VW which look mainly positive but I just wanted to get any feedback from users before I spend hard earned cash! I'm currently running a MacBook Pro 2012 with VW 2014. Its served me very well, but I have now purchased VW 2021 and my old machine won't cope with this (mainly graphics really) so time for an upgrade.


So after deliberating about spending £2300 on a Imac 27" with i7 processor, I was steered towards to new Mac Mini with M1 chip for £1300  (with a few upgrades). By all accounts this will be far superior to an i7 based machine, and at a fraction of the price. However its new technology and I'm not an IT expert by any means so I just need a robust solution that will work best for me.


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated before I make the purchase next week. Thanks!



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I'm facing a similiar debate as I have to upgrade both my laptop and desktop - looking at a bunch of different combinations, but primarily focusing on:

- Dell XPS 15 vs MBP16 for laptops

- iMac 27" with a lower spec laptop or a mini M1 with a higher mobile spec


I'm really curious about the usage of VW on these different systems and if there are any drastic pros/cons to consider.   There seems to be some pauses and crashes on the M1 specifically deally with multifunctions between programs, and I've seen some hints that the M1 struggles with outputing to 2nd and 3rd screens - not sure if that is a cable or power issue.


For as much time as I spend on the computer, I'm not truly a hardware guy, so would be great to see some real world application here.   Currently running VW spotlight 2019 on my systems with 2D, 3D and rendering applications.   Also working with Creative Cloud and Rhino 3D, with a decent budget to replace hardware.


I know this doesn't answer your question, but would love to see where this conversation goes!

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I have really been blown away with how good my MacBook Pro has been so not considering anything but Apple...however I’m reluctant to buy old tech (intel based machine) as I want to future proof my hardware as much as possible. Having said that if people are seeing consistent issues with VW 2021 on M1 chip machines, I will stick with the tried and tested 27” iMac with intel! 

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