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  1. Just to let all know, my Mac Mini M1 has been up and running for around a week now.....not a single issue yet running VW 2020! Very happy so far and the migration from my MacBook Pro 2012 was very straightforward and took around 3 hrs. I can now do final quality rendering which my MacBook pro never managed to do on VW 2014, so the graphics and processing is a good step forward. For anyone considering this setup for the money very worthwhile. My whole setup cost £1750 inc vat (mac mini 16gb, 25" HD screen, logitec mouse and keyboard and HD webcam). The Mac 27" with i7 is £2300 so a good saving.
  2. I have really been blown away with how good my MacBook Pro has been so not considering anything but Apple...however I’m reluctant to buy old tech (intel based machine) as I want to future proof my hardware as much as possible. Having said that if people are seeing consistent issues with VW 2021 on M1 chip machines, I will stick with the tried and tested 27” iMac with intel!
  3. Morning all, I'm a landscape designer and carrying out 95% of my work in 2D (landscape and planting designs) and I do some basic 3D work but not always required for my projects. Been having a read through various threads and updates by VW which look mainly positive but I just wanted to get any feedback from users before I spend hard earned cash! I'm currently running a MacBook Pro 2012 with VW 2014. Its served me very well, but I have now purchased VW 2021 and my old machine won't cope with this (mainly graphics really) so time for an upgrade. So after deliberating about spending £2300 on a Imac 27" with i7 processor, I was steered towards to new Mac Mini with M1 chip for £1300 (with a few upgrades). By all accounts this will be far superior to an i7 based machine, and at a fraction of the price. However its new technology and I'm not an IT expert by any means so I just need a robust solution that will work best for me. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated before I make the purchase next week. Thanks!
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