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  1. Can't wait to watch this one later when I can get through the full tutorial. Almost all of my renderings are interior exhibit or event renderings. I keep pushing the models back into Rhino/vray for rendering, but ideally would keep everything in one system.
  2. I use a similar method to calculate material costs. I'm working on another sheet that calculates the costing for about 50 different metal extrusions that can be used in exhibit fabrication. The company I'm with now has quote sheet that was made about 6 years ago but doesn't reflect current design needs or pricing flexibility. I'm hoping to have the new worksheet fully integrated before September when things get busy here!
  3. Thanks Pat, I was curious if the IF command would be an option, but I sent too sure on the formula. I’ll try this fo part of the worksheet. We deal with at least a dozen material options, so the separate worksheet may be the better route for this part. Thanks again! jeff
  4. Looking for some advice here. I'm trying to convert more data collection over to the worksheets and keep it as automated as possible. What is the best workflow to add in pricing that can vary depending on the material used? Say for a graphic panel, I pull the geometry to get width + height, but the price will change if the panel is PVC or fabric or Plexi, etc. I have a record format set up so that I can describe the material in the worksheet, but is there a way to multiply the dimensions by the type of material being used? Currently I have a manual entry on the record, also considered a different header line per material.. but that just adds a bunch of extra lines. Thanks!


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