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  1. I have a 2019 Spotlight license available. DM if you'd like to discuss. Thanks, Jeff
  2. Hi, I sent you a DM as well, but I have a 2019 version that is available. Let me know if you're still looking! Thanks, Jeff
  3. Hi Joan, I have VW 2019 Spotlight available if you're still looking. Thanks, Jeff
  4. Hi, I'm sorry - I missed these replies. License is still available, I'll message you both. Thanks! Jeff
  5. Hi Mike, Not sure if this is of interest, but I have a Spotlight version 2019 for sale. Spotlight includes Fundamentals but has some additional tools and features. It can be installed on 2 devices (PC or mac). Let me know if you're interested in discussing further. Thanks, Jeff
  6. Hi, I'm putting this out there - had (have) a few people interested, but haven't finalized yet. I have the paperwork from VW already filled out and just looking for a new home for this license! DM me any questions! Thanks, Jeff
  7. I have a 2019 Spotlight license I'm looking to sell. I have a company copy now so my personal license is not in use. Happy to sell direct or via Vectorworks transfer.
  8. Hi, did you ever find a new license? I have Spotlight 2019 that I'm now looking to sell. Thanks, Jeff
  9. So good to see our industry start to recover and grow again! I'm checking out your posts.. I may be a good fit for this! *edit* applied! My portfolio website is pending relaunch, so please let me know if I can email samples to you. Cheers, Jeff
  10. Hi Bruce, I've struggled with this over the years as well. I work with events and exhibit design (I know, tough business these days!) - but my intention is to pull as much information from my models as possible. I love how changes are reflected in viewports and worksheets.. but there is a struggle to get the correct information pulled out. I'm going to download your file as well.. I'm curious on your drawing, solutions and, moreso, if we can find a better workflow here. A few of my attempts are: - symbol of an extrusion profile that is imported as a group rather than symbol. The benefit here in profiles is that if I change one piece, the rest of the symbols don't update. It also controls how many symbols are in my libraries as the possibilities are nearly endless. - draw panels in top plane, rotate to the correct side, and scale as needed. I use a lot of infill panels, and this method has worked in the past, and then I can pull some details - custom records with pull down and text menus. This lets me ensure that the text is correct.. but prone to human error. The pull downs let me sort things out while limiting class lists. - class structure. if material is on a particular list, that can take away the need for some of the options (plywood 1/4, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, and so on). Depending on your work, this can build too many options and the error of having objects in the wrong class is possible. - symbol design layers.. but that's also double the work and doesn't agree with your model necessarily. I don't have the best workflow yet, but I want a better solution as well.
  11. following. I'm facing a similiar debate as I have to upgrade both my laptop and desktop - looking at a bunch of different combinations, but primarily focusing on: - Dell XPS 15 vs MBP16 for laptops - iMac 27" with a lower spec laptop or a mini M1 with a higher mobile spec I'm really curious about the usage of VW on these different systems and if there are any drastic pros/cons to consider. There seems to be some pauses and crashes on the M1 specifically deally with multifunctions between programs, and I've seen some hints that the M1 struggles with outputing to 2nd and 3rd screens - not sure if that is a cable or power issue. For as much time as I spend on the computer, I'm not truly a hardware guy, so would be great to see some real world application here. Currently running VW spotlight 2019 on my systems with 2D, 3D and rendering applications. Also working with Creative Cloud and Rhino 3D, with a decent budget to replace hardware. I know this doesn't answer your question, but would love to see where this conversation goes!
  12. Great to see event work on the horizon! I submitted my CV for consideration. Best regards, Jeff
  13. Hi Jeff, I'll send a message now, but definitely interested if you continue to have freelance opportunities. I've served the live event and exhibit industry for 20 years and work in both Canada and the US. Be well, Jeff K.
  14. Can't wait to watch this one later when I can get through the full tutorial. Almost all of my renderings are interior exhibit or event renderings. I keep pushing the models back into Rhino/vray for rendering, but ideally would keep everything in one system.
  15. I use a similar method to calculate material costs. I'm working on another sheet that calculates the costing for about 50 different metal extrusions that can be used in exhibit fabrication. The company I'm with now has quote sheet that was made about 6 years ago but doesn't reflect current design needs or pricing flexibility. I'm hoping to have the new worksheet fully integrated before September when things get busy here!
  16. Thanks Pat, I was curious if the IF command would be an option, but I sent too sure on the formula. I’ll try this fo part of the worksheet. We deal with at least a dozen material options, so the separate worksheet may be the better route for this part. Thanks again! jeff
  17. Looking for some advice here. I'm trying to convert more data collection over to the worksheets and keep it as automated as possible. What is the best workflow to add in pricing that can vary depending on the material used? Say for a graphic panel, I pull the geometry to get width + height, but the price will change if the panel is PVC or fabric or Plexi, etc. I have a record format set up so that I can describe the material in the worksheet, but is there a way to multiply the dimensions by the type of material being used? Currently I have a manual entry on the record, also considered a different header line per material.. but that just adds a bunch of extra lines. Thanks!
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