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Remove IFC Entity Node


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Hi Marionette geniuses!


I wonder if there's an opposite node for


 or a way to workaround to untick/remove IFC entities that were previously attached to objects.


Data Manager has been really helpful attach/manage new IFC data, but when I tried to remove any unwanted entity/data in Data Manager, they still remain in the Data tab in OIP. Only gave me the option to manually untick them in the OIP if this makes sense. I was hoping it can automatically unactivate removed entities...Data Manager is still under developing from what i read, hopefully this will get improved!


I've checked the collection of various nodes shared by AlanW and tried searching across the forum, but got no luck. If it already exists, could you redirect me to the post please?


Thanks in advance!


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Hi @Gregi !


Thank you for creating this node! I gave it a test. It works perfectly to delete ALL IFC data attached to any objects.


It's good to have this node too, but maybe I mis-interpreted what I'm looking for here...Each object got IFC data attached shows this nest of info/data below:



The node you created ended up removing the entire IFC Data Set (tbh, the naming system is so confusing🤦‍♂️. The IFC Data Set and the first line IFC Entity (Property Set) both called the same...? not sure if I got it correct here)


I'm looking for a node to remove or untick only 'ONE line' of IFC Entity/ Property Set (equivalent to a record? For example, to untick the line 'Classification' with all other still remain the same) Something like the opposite of the 'Set IFC Property' node maybe...? I guess the sIFCPropValue part would be redundant.




Again, thanks for any help in advance!

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old thread, new (old) user...


I am trying get this to work, but is it somehow possible to just change the ifcEntity of objects, but not remove/replace everything ?

Example, I have 100 imported Objects ("ifcBuildingElementProxy") on a Layer or class, they already have100  individual data inputs for "Name" and "Description" filled in.

(But they don`t have individual "Vectorworks - Object Names" (where you can set the name of an object, bottom of Data window))

The above Marionette works to remove/assign a new entity, but all data fields (previous info "Name" and "Description" etc.) are wiped out.


I would want to select all the 100 objects, change their ifcEntity to something else but keep the existing "Name" and "Description" data.

(I also tried the Data-Manager to no avail)


Thanks for looking...

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Some progress made:

I just needed to add Get IFC Property nodes upfront to get the already given values from initial hobj, and feed them through to Set IFC Property again, after changing Set IFC Entity of hobj. This works.


Question now is: say I have 100 "ifcBuildingElementProxy" solids, I need to Filter the ones that have different strings (i.e. in Description: ValueX, ValueY, ValueZ)


So how can I add a second selection criteria (after IFC_ENTITY='IfcBuildingElementProxy'), that accesses ("IFCProperty") to make a successful "Objects by criteria" Script/Node ?:




import vs;

vs.SelectObj("INSYMBOL & INVIEWPORT & (IFC_ENTITY='IfcBuildingElementProxy')");

I get all of these, fine.



Of these selected now, how to get all the ones that have (i.e. in Description: ValueX, ValueY, ValueZ) and filter them out to use the above process on them.

So I would get three lists (for XYZ) of objects to feed into the Marionette, and then convert them in one go.


Use a Node, Script/VS/Python, or does this have to be a menu - item ?

All I see in ..."by criteria" does not seem to be able to do this so far.


Is there a way to add this ?





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the above script works for a single object now, question is how to batch process this; i.e. select objects with by similar object criteria, or IF/then:

(when the file has 27x IfcBuildingElementProxy with Name A, 13x IfcBuildingeElementProxy with Description B, 54x IfcBuildingeElementProxy with Name C etc, see pic:







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No, just looking for a way to control imported 3D geometry, and add/keep information.

(Maybe ifcWall is not a good example)

Say you have imported IfcBuildingElementProxy geometry and want it to be "IfcVirtualElement", or "IfcVibrationIsolatorType", or whatever.





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