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  1. Hi It's because the type of your values from worksheet "string". I added a function node "eval(x)" and now it works. is this what you where looking for? AddList_Debug_gim.vwx
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Wrappers in German, to align objects with defined Distance. Not sure if there are some bugs - let me know 🙂
  3. Oh I see... oops, get more complicated than i thought... I would like to use it on groups too, so probably something this way?Align Distance_20-06-13-gim.vwx
  4. Hi MRoth Have you been successfull? I'm looking for some really similar. It looks to be difficult to get the selectet objects IN a group while working IN this group...
  5. Didn't really work. I made a menu command, and the first rectangle jumped a bit instead of hold positon. But your changes gave me an idea, so i put in a filter to only work on the objects on same layer. first tests are working fine - will see Align Distance_20-06-08-gim.vwx
  6. Hello everybody I tried to create a tool which allows me to align any object (2D, 3D, viewports). So i made a network an it kind of works - as long as i dont try to get object by "selected" an use it as a marionette command. where's my blind spot? Align Distance_20-06-08.vwx
  7. Or, another example to show what i would like to get. An invisible OIP widget for control points would be a good beginning. is something like this possible?
  8. So, some more information, i still get stucked I would like to have a parametric marionette object with input fields and control-points. a control point should only set one parameter and should be placed depending on other parameters. so i tried to change some codes with kind of succes, but now i got three problems: 1. the with/"Breite" (X) parameter ist not visible in the oip 2. every other input field like "dim" node is resetting after moving an control point 3. i would like tho have NO OIP-Control about the not-used control point (CP_1dim_20-04-23.vwxy in the #OIP Controls in my example) but were not succesfull, is there any possibility to do? #Created January 2018 #Updated August 2018 @Marionette.NodeDefinition class Params(metaclass = Marionette.OrderedClass): #APPEARANCE #Name this = Marionette.Node('Control Point 2D') this.SetDescription('Creates a 2D reshape handle when used in a Marionette Object. Initial values are defined in the Object Info Palette.') #Input Ports fy = Marionette.PortIn(0.0) #OIP Controls x = Marionette.OIPControl( 'X', Marionette.WidgetType.RealCoord, 0.0) x.SetDescription('A value representing the distance from the origin along the x axis') y = Marionette.OIPControl( ' ', Marionette.WidgetType.Separator, '') #y.SetDescription('A value representing the distance from the origin along the y axis') #Output Ports pt = Marionette.PortOut('p') pt.SetDescription('A Control 2D point on the xy plane') #BEHAVIOR def RunNode(self): #inputs x = self.Params.x.value #y = self.Params.y.value #y = 50.0 y = self.Params.fy.value appMajor, appMinor, appMaint, platform = vs.GetVersion() units = vs.GetPrefReal(150) #script pioHandle = vs.Handle(Marionette.parametric_handle) if pioHandle != vs.Handle(0): if appMajor >=24: Marionette.CreateControlPointCoord(self.Handle, x, y) x = x/units y = y/units else: x = x/units y = y/units else: x = x/units y = y/units #outputs self.Params.pt.value = (x, y)
  9. 1. I would like to write the values in a record field 2. this is the problem i guess. so what ist the button normaly or mostly used for?
  10. Hello Is it possible to combine the "button" node and the "pop up dialog" node? so the pop up will only display after pressing the button? otherwise the pop up is shown up every time i change any parameter in my marionette object..
  11. Great, now i got it 🙂 Thank you!
  12. The output in this example should be a List, [0] = 400.0 [1] = 800.0 as far as i know i get the numbers separatet in the "split" node (still string) and then they are converted to numbers in the "float" node. it works, but as soon as i put some math in one of the numbers, i got the error. Best thing would be to have a dim-number in the end, but its not the most important.
  13. Hello everybody Im trying to create a list of an input node which is able to do some simple math, but i get errors from the float. Without math its working. How do i do this? Math and Float a List.vwx
  14. Is this issue solved? Or is there a way to put the marionette-symbols (red) in the workgroup-files to import the ones i need in the projects? Sometimes its working, but most of the times i get several problems.
  15. Hi everybody I'm trying to flip and move a complex 3d object but it looks like its not possible to move after flipping it. Is there any way around, to move or set positions of flipped objects? Thank you very much
  16. Hi Sarah This is great an makes my network more clear!
  17. Its quite a long time ago since this post. but I would love to do the same, but to extract all surfaces ob an solid... Any idea?
  18. The way i do is to take the offset node (smooth corners active), move to one side, the other side, an back to the original position. I use it to draw curved metal, so its easy to make separate vertex on the inside and outside.
  19. Hello Forum one more time I would really love to have an Control Point-Handle for just one direction (X,Y or Z), the other dimensions as an input port. So in the end in the OIP theres only one field which i could use in the marionette-object as dynamic parameter. All my tries were unsuccessful.
  20. @m.graf Thank you very much for your help! So i have to insert a separate "set record field" node for every single field - that's it 🙂
  21. Hi Forum I'm really new in Marionette, so I get struggle on some (maybe) easy points. I want to connect objects (Symbols OR Marionette-Objects like rectangle,...) to a record and if the Object is existing more than just once it should be set the same way every time. I tried it this way but its not working. Do you have any ideas? Forum_Set Record x times.vwx


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